Thursday, May 30, 2024


Mahua Moitra and her senseless statements

Mahua Moitra, Goddess Kali & the gang

Unlike Nupur Sharma (who told the full truth), Mahua Moitra told partial-truth about Mother Kali. But she remained as responsible as Nupur Sharma for mocking religious belief and sentiment of some community. Fortunately for Mahua Moitra, there is no concept of blasphemy in Sanatan Dharma.

The not-so-curious case of Mohua Moitra

So some Leena Manimekalai makes a film on LGBTQ in Canada and decides to publicize it by coming up with a poster of Maa Kaali, the Hindu goddess smoking & carrying the Rainbow Flag on the other hand

The irresponsible celebrities and what now?

Is our country heading towards chaotic strife, between the different religions? There is some recurrence of the sense of mutual suspicion that had led to the country being partitioned, once before.

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