Thursday, May 23, 2024


Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh

Why does Washington want to open another jihadist launchpad in South Asia?

With ultra-Islamist BNP’s track-record of its deeper ties with Islamists and jihadists, it is indeed a matter of grave concern that the Biden administration is trying to turn Bangladesh into a newer militancy launchpad by installing BNP and its Islamist-jihadist partners in power.

Pakistani ISI’s manipulation of Bangladesh’s elections uncovered

According to Gatestone Institute, Pakistan is a state sponsor of jihad terror itself, yet is now claiming that it is Bangladesh and India that have the terrorist problem.

What would mean Sheikh Hasina’s defeat in the next general election?

Bangladesh’s progress and prosperity shall be at stake, if Sheikh Hasina’s government is either overthrown through undemocratic process or if Islamist forces such as BNP manages in stealing results in their favor with the direct help of the Biden administration.

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