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Haryana Govt

शख्सियत – अपनी कार्यशैली के दम पर लोगों के दिलों में राज करते सोनीपत सांसद “रमेश चंद्र कौशिक”

अपने व्यवहार व काम के दम पर लोकप्रिय जननेता की छवि बनाने में सफल "रमेश चन्द्र कौशिक"; अपने दायित्व को पूरी निष्ठा व ईमानदारी से निभाने के लिए जाने जाते हैं "रमेश चन्द्र कौशिक"

One nation, one market 2020: Will the dream come true?

New policies of Modi govt for farmers is for their betterment. However, as always, the opposition just does not want the farmers to be better.

Farmers: Why is there no media attention where our food supply depends?

Where all the attention is going for what's been happening surrounding the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty on drug charges and what's been happening in Maharastra due to the autocratic behavior of Shiv Sena, media has ignored the police brutality on farmers who were protesting on their own right even if it was a case of opportunism by the opposition.

Haryana adds to the list of economic blunders in India

In times of a struggling economy and raging pandemic, among reforms announced by central govt to boost private investment in the country, the message these types of laws send to the world is quite opposite.

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