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Scams own country: Deforestation under CPM govt of Kerala is worrisome for environment

Keralites are keeping their hand on the chest with a worried look at the sky. When is the next rain? Will I be washed away in that rain…? So much for promoting tourism and protecting environment by Communist nature lovers.

[World Environment Day] Agroforestry for better economy, ecology & biodiversity #ForNature

ow does one prioritize between the economic and ecological concerns? Isn't a slew of human population in objectional states of poverty an environmental matter too?

4 Maps and a prophecy

All 3 pillars that sustain life in India ; of Land availability, water availability and clean air availability are crumbling and crumbling fast. If the situation continues unabated for some more years we may see a start of population collapse and/or mass migration as a nature’s way of correcting balance.

River Ganga is choking to death, and she needs to be cleaned up now

We have started movements against something now the time is to start a movement for rivers, especially Ganga.

Sustainable development of Indian Butter Tree towards protecting environment and traditional knowledge

Conserving Indian Butter Tree can be a feasible idea to tackle the challenge towards protecting environment and traditional knowledge.   

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