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Durga puja

कृपा करो मां दुर्गा

माँ दुर्गा को अर्पित एक कविता

The Hindu-shaming of Hindu festivals

The subtle sermonizing on our festivals was not enough, that now the backdrop of our festivals has again become an opportunity for some to divide us on linguistic fault lines.

Ma Durga needs us

Celebrating Durga Puja makes country a non-secular nation.

No Gandhi but there could be many Godses

We can all wear our religious glasses but it must show the horrible future which our children would suffer in times to come.

The quest for Hindu identity amidst Jallikattu protests

Has the recent Jallikattu protests reignited the quest of (confused ) Hindu identity? Or it's another efforts by Tamil for maintaining their culture.

Malicious misinformation that the left propagates about Durga Puja

Challenging the narrative of the so-called left-liberals, who become active with their imaginations on the eve of Durga Puja.

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