Wednesday, September 28, 2022



Ink Attack: Arvind Kejriwal please stop your theatrics

Nauseating drama school tactics need to stop

Alternatives to odd-even scheme for Delhi’s pollution and traffic problems?

Some solutions which could help solve Delhi's troubles

When will the odd-even rule be really “successful”?

A law implemented, can it be a success?

Delhi Pollution: What we should learn from Singapore

Some good ideas from Singapore

AAP supporter’s letter to Arvind Kejriwal with suggestions on how to reduce pollution in Delhi

Email sent by an AAP supporter to the state government of Delhi on how to curb pollution.

Why increasing the salaries of Delhi MLAs is not a good idea?

The recent salary hike of Delhi MLAs is not going to do any good to the aam janta.

3 years of AAP – the birth, the rise and the fall

A supporter expresses how his hope has been shattered with recent developments.

The Azadpur-Prembari Pul elevated corridor and Kejriwal’s claims

An analysis into Kejriwal's claims

Empty symbolism of Car Free Day; If tamasha can suffice, why govern?

Why events like "Car Free Day" end up doing opposite of what was intended. There are better ways to achieve the same goals.

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