Tuesday, April 16, 2024


criminalization of marital rapes

Marital rape: A crime legitimized

My question is when will this attitude of treating women as inferior to men change and evolve? For how long can we uphold the principles of patriarchy and continue to suppress a woman mentally, physically and sexually?

Marital rape law and AI

No sane man would be against laws that punishes a man for torturing his spouse. The problem however starts with the issue of misuse of such laws.

How to address the issue of ‘Marital Rapes’

A pervert, who can find pleasure in forcing a choice on the other for an act that is supposed to give pleasure to both is not fit to carry out a responsibility as sacred as ‘marriage’. Expecting such a pervert to change under the fear of law is neither desirable nor sustainable. Citizens who have 'fear of law' do not make them better citizens, they become better only when they develop 'respect for law'. Let the society, the law and the government find a way to spread the awareness about the sanctity and importance of marriage.

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