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Corona Virus Vaccination

Immunity passports: An idea that needs to be carefully examined

If a vaccine passport gains momentum, it could be a momentous reset for the beleaguered airline and tourism industry, assuming travelers will take to the skies again in large numbers.

Coronil and controversy

You are free to criticize Baba Ramdev and Patanjali, but the demeaning comments that are directed towards the Scientists and the Scientific capability of this Nation proves why, we as a Nation haven't achieved great feats in modern times.

Confused over Porcupine, Hedgehog, Echidna similarity and parallel evolution of novel coronavirus

Unfortunately we portrayed novel coronavirus as villain and at the same time as hero and caused confusion, even to the virus.

The curious case of plasma therapy in CoVID-19 treatment

Given the serious uncertainties and risks involved in Plasma therapy, it can be a preferred form of treatment for CoVID-19 only after its safety and efficacy is validated by ICMR after randomised controlled trials.

Without a vaccine -The pandemic is going nowhere?

No point or purpose will be served, in cacophonously clamouring that the rulers were doing this and that or not doing this and that, as neither they nor We The People know what needs to be done, until we have the VACCINE.

Is novel coronavirus ‘super intelligent’ or ‘stupid’ – evolutionary science will defeat our medical approach and lockdown

Are we preventing the virus to escape from human being or are we facilitating the virus to exist with human being, thorough the lockdown and isolation?

Let us not chase coronavirus, learn viral mutation in co-morbid environment to prevent more deadly virus to emerge

Blame none; develop endure all threshold; only people of India can practice today.  Because by blaming Modi Indians cannot achieve anything and Indians may have...

Can one vaccine immunize against a dozen complications

It is as important to check the growth of divisive forces in the society, as it is to curb the spread of COVID-19, by therapeutic interventions, the former requires an education system oriented towards social goals.

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