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Captain Amarinder Singh

Farms agitation, Reddy ghost, Sidhu and Dalit politics in Punjab

May be the same fate await Congress Party in Punjab and Channi be another Joginder Mondal, Giridhar Gamang and Hemananda Biswal.

दंगाईयों की सरकारी पैरवी असंवैधानिक

गणतंत्रता दिवस को ट्रैक्टर मार्च के नाम पर कथित किसानों ने दिल्ली में न केवल उत्पात मचाया बल्कि लाल किले पर तिरंगे झंडे का अपमान किया और 394 पुलिस वालों को जख्मी कर दिया था, जिनको बचाने के लिए पंजाब सरकार ने 70 वकीलों का पैनल बनाया है!

Congress government plans to further stifle free speech

Blasphemy laws have selectively been used in the past. Is there a guarantee that it will not be used selectively?

AAP in parallel with 70s Congress: Ambers of Khalistan

AAP is as dangerous as Congress for the integrity of the country.

As Rahul needs more time to mature, should India expect the leadership vacuum in the opposition to be filled anytime soon?

Rahul Gandhi is an example of reverse leadership, becoming more immature after each election.

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