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Brave Rajput Queens

The Hindus must stop inventing fiction, and celebrate real heroes

If it is about celebrating women heroines, then there were plenty actual women warriors like Rani Jhansi, Naikidevi Chandel, Jhalkara bai, Rani Karnavati Panwar Garhwali. Therefore why invent fictional figures, when we have real ones?

Defeats of Delhi Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi at the hands of Hindus

Under Rana Sanga even Agra was under threat of being captured. The rising strength of Sanga had disturbed the peace of Sultans.

Rani Durgavati’s resistance against Mughal conquest of Garh Katanga| Mughal Gondwana war

Durgavati was distinguished for courage, counsel and munificence, and by virtue of these qualities, she had brought the whole of the state under her sway.

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