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Bangladesh Nationalist Party

US wants to unseat Sheikh Hasina by 2023

Whatever the US policymakers are currently saying or doing is just a part of a massive plot of toppling the Awami League government by the end of 2023.

Strengthening ties: The importance and necessity of Bangladesh-India relations

With continued collaboration, trust, and dialogue, these two nations can create a brighter future for their citizens and the entire South Asian region.

Sheikh Hasina’s leadership: A key to a terrorism-free and prosperous Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina's leadership has been instrumental in steering Bangladesh towards a terrorism-free and prosperous future.

US-BNP alliance

Recently, there have a series of protests by Islamists against the Bangladesh government of Sheikh Hasina. These groups have been pressurising PM Hasina to...

Biden administration supports terrorist organization in Bangladesh

Western intelligence officials believe a certain Fazlul Rahman, who signed bin Laden's February 23, 1998, declaration of holy war on the US on behalf of the Jihad Movement in Bangladesh, is an associate of the now independent group.

Hunter Biden works in favor of Islamist party in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Nationalist Party also is looking for hiring journalists and columnists in a number of major publications in the US, while Tarique Rahman plans to do similar propaganda in a number of major newspapers in Britain.

What would mean Sheikh Hasina’s defeat in the next general election?

Bangladesh’s progress and prosperity shall be at stake, if Sheikh Hasina’s government is either overthrown through undemocratic process or if Islamist forces such as BNP manages in stealing results in their favor with the direct help of the Biden administration.

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