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Understanding ‘Hijab row’ from Islamic framework

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The Hijab row that started in a Karnataka schools during February 2022 had later spread to other states of the country. Different Muslims leaders and community members, including non-Hijabi female Islamist journalists, have come forward in support of wearing of Hijab by the school students, despite having dress code. Left-Liberal cabal too, has come forward in support of Hijab. The justifications given by different groups in favor of Hijab ranged from ‘religious duty’ to ‘personal choice’ to ‘fundamental right’.

During the first week of April 2022, Al Qaeda chief, Ayman Al Zawahiri, in a video praised the Muslim student Muskan Khan of Karnataka who shouted Allah hu Akbar in a school by wearing a Burqa. Zawahiri also asked Indian Muslims to unite for Hijab cause. So what actually happened in Karnataka school during February 2022 was tip of the Islamic iceberg. The notorious Indian Islamic organization like Popular Front of India and other Jihadi organizations have come together under the umbrella of Al Qaeda to push Islamism in India.

But nobody cares to look deeper to see that Muslim women of Indian sub-continent never used Hijab historically. They used Ghunghat, Pallu or Do-Patta. No Indian painting of Muslim era could show the wearing of Hijab. In India Hijab is a post 9/11 Islamic symbolism only. The Hijab row in India can’t be understood in isolation. One needs to examine the issue from larger Islamic framework.

Islam is a political doctrine of totalitarian imperialism. Islam mandates Muslims to conquer the whole world. The Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN) was constructed retrospectively, too late and in too distant places from Mecca and Medina, by Abbasid Caliphate between eighth and tenth centuries. However, the process started in late seventh century under Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik in Damascus. None of the SIN (Sirat, Sahih Hadith and Tafsir) was written in Mecca or Medina, but in Tabaristan (Iran), Bagdad (Iraq), Bukhara (Uzbekistan), and Basra (Iraq) which were hundreds of miles away from Mecca and Medina and that too hundreds of years after Muhammad’s death.

There is also no archeological evidence to prove that Mecca and Medina were very ancient human settlements as claimed under SIN. [Source:]. The present-day Quran, also known as Uthman Quran, is claimed to have been compiled 20 years after Muhammad’s death. But it got its first mention in the Sahih Hadith, which was compiled more than 200 years after Muhammad’s death in faraway places from Medina and Mecca.

With the fall of Persian and Byzantine Empires in the beginning of seventh century, Arabs came up as new Empire. But, unlike Christians Byzantine and Zoroastrian Persian, they lacked in pedigree. They needed a new religion, a Prophet and laws. Thus Muhammad, Islam and Sharia were created over a long period from late seventh to tenth centuries.

For imperialistic reasons, Islam was made as regimented, violent, aggressive, exclusive and intolerant doctrine. Over the centuries, these negative attributes became a part and parcel of Muslim psyche. The foundational principle of Islam has been “heads I win, tails you lose”. All totalitarian doctrines have to follow this principle. The classic example of this in Islam is the so-called defensive wars of Muhammad from which he collected spoils of war (Maal-e-Ghanimat) also. In Indian context it is “Pakistan we got, India you lost” for them.

The main Hindu leader of Indian freedom struggle, M K Gandhi, had a peculiar mindset. He condoned the anti-Hindu violence of Muslims on all occasions. But he was extra critical and angry of anything in reverse direction. It is claimed by different scholars that Gandhi did so to achieve Hindu-Muslim unity for fighting unitedly against British for independence. But did such unity ever exist in India? This is not even a one rupee question. However, the final nail into the coffin of Hindu-Muslim unity was driven by the Muslims with their demand, violent fight and ultimate creation of Islamic Pakistan in August 1947.

With creation of Pakistan, the fraud of Hindu-Muslim unity was supposed to stop. But Congress, in independent India, carried on with this fraud with more zeal and earnest. The party, which ruled India for about six decades after independence, did not go for complete exchange of population after partition. Congress rather started treating ‘Pakistan supporting Indian Muslims’ with extra care and love. Indian Muslims also got a politically convenient tag of ‘minority’ for them.

Had British India been Muslim majority, there would not be any partition. Muslims created Islamic Pakistan by truncating British India because they were minority with about 24 percent of population. So, how they again became minority in independent India by staying back here after creation of Islamic Pakistan? Was not that to complete the unfinished agenda of making whole of India Islamic? Indian Constitution and Gandhian Congress helped them in pushing that agenda in independent India. Communists and Liberals also helped them as catalysts in this Islamic agenda.

So, offering Namaz on roads, giving Azan through multiple loudspeakers from lakhs of mosques across the country five times a day, more and more construction of new mosque, Mazar (particularly encroaching public lands)and Madrasa, uncontrolled increase in population, increasing use of skull cap, and increasing number of Muslim men keeping beard, – comprised Islamic symbolism, which has been in ever increasing trend in independent India. This symbolism encourages the Indian Muslims to assert them with Muslims first identity. By 2047 (after hundred years of independence), Muslims in many parts of the India will be majority and start demanding independence from India. The picture in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala is very encouraging for them from that perspective.

Islam being an imperialistic totalitarian doctrine, Muslim community in non-Arab India grew as two social classes, namely, Ashraf and Pasmanda. Broadly speaking, those Muslims who are of foreign descent are Ashraf and all local converts are called Pasmanda. This division is very distinct and they don’t inter-marry or inter-dine. Approximately 15 percent of Indian Muslims are Ashraf. But they are historically the elite class with economic and socio-political superiority. They influence and control the socio-economically backward Pasmanda, who constitutes about 85 percent of Muslim population. For propagating Islamism in India, Ashraf Muslims mainly make the intellectual and political core-group. The Pasmanda Muslims are used as foot soldiers for street fight, riot, mass public protest, bomb blasts and destruction of public and private properties in the name of Islam.    

Islamic symbolism described above has increased exponentially in India after 9/11. It also works as litmus test for the Indian Muslims to understand the quantum and intensity of reaction and resistance from the majority community of Indian Hindus. When situation is conducive, they push a new symbolism. This time it was Hijab in schools. It was a manufactured issue. If due to any reason Indian Muslims face resistance in their new move, they may turn violent and start playing ‘Islamic victim card’ in the same breath.

Quran is prescriptive to all Muslims for all times to come. Quran 3:28 and 8:55 mandate them to hate Kafir and Quran 5:9 mandates them to kill Kafir. There are many such verses of Quran which are hateful and violent towards Kafir. In the recent (first and second week April 2022) attacks on Hindu religious processions by them in different parts of India, they were simply following the mandates of Quran. They were doing Jihad against Hindu Kafir only. Their prophet never took responsibility of any of his violent activity. He always blamed the other party. One finds the same behavior in them even after 1400 years. In the above mentioned attacks on Hindu religious processions, they blamed the Hindus and placed them as victims.   

The Islamic teachings don’t allow them to rest unless and until India is made Islamic. Muslims are mandated to conquer the whole world. India is a part of that global conquest. The bottom line is either they will conquer India or they will destroy the country. Lebanon is a burning example of this in our modern time. The Congress and Left-Liberal-Secular cabal of India need to wake-up from the self-deceiving slumber.


PS: Karnatake High Court has since ruled that Hijab was not compulsory under Islam and thus Muslim girl students were not to  violate the school dress code by wearing Hijab in school. But the verdict of Karnataka High Court has been challenged in the Supreme Court.

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