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PV Narasimha Rao: A Hindu face or a man of power? Some facts

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I would first like to start on why Rao was chosen for the job in 1991. Forever Prime Minister in waiting for Shri Sharad Pawar has alleged in his book that Arjun Singh convinced Sonia Gandhi that Rao will be lame-duck Prime Minister & Rao will make way for Arjun Singh to be Cong’s head.

But Rao, didn’t step down from the position of the Party President and this started an internal tussle between then senior Congress leaders & they all formed regional parties. There are two reasons for it, one they were against Rao & 2nd they wanted to get minority votes to post 1992.

Now lets looks at Rao’s role in Barbie demolition, many say Rao was in favor of demolition & some Congress ppl allege that Rao could have saved the demolition by suspending the UP govt, some say he was happy with the demolition.
It’s all a lie, I will explain to you in detail.
PVNR was basically in a checkmate situation in 1992, where he had 2 options:

  1. He could have used the military against Ram Bhakts, where he feared the military will not fire on ppl chanting Jay Shree Ram
  2. Take strict action post demolition to pacify Mυzlims by taking action

He went for 2nd. Post demolition PVNR suspended the BJP government in HP, MP, Raj & UP. Now his plan B is activated where he is now trying hard to convince the minority that demolition perpetrators shall be punished by law. But damaged had been done, Hindus went closer to BJP & minorities moved away from Congress. Minority voters in UP went to Mulayam & in Bihar, it went to Laloo which made the M+Y combination possible, this permanently weakened the Cong & hence senior Congress leaders started calling PVNR BJP agents, Rao had no affinity towards Hindus, he became the scapegoat for a party.

Senior Congress leaders tried to convince Sonia Gandhi for an internal coup to occupy Rao’s chair, but that did not happen and hence they blamed PVNR for 1992 and moved away from Congress. Many Congress leaders openly supported PVNR, saying he is a truly secular leader and hence his secular credentials should not be questioned. In short, he was Congressi. Now we know why PVNR’s dead body was not brought to the Cong HQ, because PVNR is now an enemy in the eyes of Minority.

In an interview in 1993, PVNR said that he was committed to rebuilding the mosque and it will fulfill it at any cost. He never said anything in favor of Ram Mandir. He said BJP can’t win this battle legally, he was confident that the ruling will be in favor of the Mosque. But in 2019 the verdict came.

PVNR said that Advani had assured him that Mosque will not be touched and he said Advani betrayed him. Now to get back at Advani, PVNR put false Hawala charges on Advani in 1996, where Advani got acquitted in 1998. New BJP supporters aren’t aware of the torture which BJP leaders faced.

After Babri demolition, the 2nd most overrated claim is that PVNR is the original architect of the Nuclear Test and he convinced Vajpayee to complete the mission. This is just another lie, bear with me if this article gets little longer, but I will explain with details.

PVNR govt & his overrated economic reforms made them mercenary of US. Now conducting a nuclear test means they have to face economic sanctions which then the government was not willing to risk. This is literally a shame, how PM is going against national interest by not conducting test.

CIA meet Vajpayee in 1996 & they were convinced that Vajpayee was in favor of the Nuclear Test, hence in 1996, they stopped Vajpayee from getting power with the help of Congress. But finally, Vajpayee Ji became PM in 1998 and the test was sanctioned despite CIA pressure tactics. Vajpayee made it clear in 1998 that he is not afraid of economic sanctions, a country like India can’t be threatened with sanctions. Now compare his approach with PVNR. The US did put sanctions on us but that didn’t affect us at all, so Vajpayee’s stand was vindicated.

Now after the 1998 Pokhran Test, the US had to bring down the Vajpayee govt at any cost. They assigned this task to the trusted international agent Sυbramanian Swαmy & look who attended the tea party in 1999, was PVNR, which means he also played a part in bringing down Vajpayee govt in 99.
Now let’s look at PVNR’s involvement in scams. He was directly involved in the Harshad Mehta scam & he received a bribe. Jethmalani produced an audio cassette of the conversation to prove the charges against PVNR. We all know how Harshad Mehta died mysteriously & this scam was buried in a coffin.

PVNR was close to Godman Chandraswami who was a well-known international agent, well connected to the international lobby including the arms dealer. Chandraswami was arrested in 97 and his trusted friend Su Swαmy openly defended him. I will write a separate thread to expose SuSu and Chandraswami.

PVNR govt was saved in 1993 by the cash for vote scandal, where they bought MP’s to cross vote in the favor of the govt. Chandrashekar’s faction voted for PVNR again fixer Swαmy in action. Now you know why he has regards for Rao. Cong has so much love for democracy.

PVNR’s Kashmir Policy was also an utter failure, he never recognized Pandit exodus plus he wasn’t as ruthless on insurgency as today’s Modi Gov is. PVNR was often soft on the military action & often tried monkey balancing. Insurgency grew many folds under his regime, we paid the price.
PVNR’s Pakistan policy was also a big failure after Pak PM Ms. Bhutto declared open support to the insurgency in Kashmir, PVNR was still trying to talk to Pak using a diplomatic channel. Pak had the support of US & OIC where a resolution was made in UN against India, we somehow saved face.
Regarding the 1991 economics reforms & liberation from license raj, I have already burst those claims in my Manmohan Singh thread. I have attached the link where you will find the truth about the 1991 reforms. I have attached all relevant sources to it you can read it here.

These points are enough to tell PVNR was the man of the chair not the face of Hindus in Congress. Leaders like Vajpayee, Advani & Modi are often underrated by BJP supporters, and they give credits to other people.

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