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Macaulay education system should end

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Our India was a slave to the British for about 200 years. India was first ruled by the East India Company from 1757 to 1857 and then the Queen of England reigned till 1947after the first freedom struggle of 1857. The British government realized that the people of India are proud of their ancient culture and that is their glory. The British knew very well that Indians would never be slaves until they were associated with their ancient culture. Then British create a conspiracy to control Indian mindset by creating hatred for their own culture among them because when britishers first stepped into India they saw that Indians were very rich and they found no beggar in India.

For this, they chose a very scathing weapon called education. Earlier, education was in Gurukulas. In Gurukula, learners were also given knowledge of Indian cultural values, Vedas and Puranas along with studies. In 1835, the British brought the English Education Act to India. This destroyed the Gurukula system. It emphasized the western values instead of Indian morals in Indians. Indians were drawn to English language. This education divided the Indian society from within and the ancient culture was abandoned. This also created divisions between Hindus and Muslims, which later led creation of Pakistan in 1947. This led the people of India to think their ancient culture as inferior and to think the Western civilization as a better and of higher degree. The British wanted to loot Indian resources to nurture themselves by making Indian people slave of Britain. The main face that structured this wicked education system is Thomas Babington Macaulay. This person’s mind behind the downfall of India’s culture.

The Education System of the British snatched away the identity of Indians. It was the British diplomacy to tell Indians despicable. Macaulay said that Indians have to make English in ideas, morality and taste with Indian in colour and blood. This makes it clear that the British wanted to move Indians away from their ancient Indian culture to western civilization. The British also tampered with the vast history of India and disappeared a lot of things. Even when India became independent in 1947, the Nehru government continued this wicked education system. It was a kind of education given to all. It has nothing to do with the capability of the learner. No student could study according to his interest. Only the attention was given to cramming and not in understanding. Just as between elephant and the monkey, only monkey can climb on the tree, not the elephant, but the elephant will be treated as a failure according to this education system. Every human being has some merit and his own interest.

There should be an education system that does not suppress the merits of human beings. Today’s India needs its ancient culture. The new education system will have to revive Indian values and build a new India. This will enable our India to regain the title of Vishwa Guru and then Ramraj in India is no far. There is need of again nourishment of Gurukulas in India. Modi government brought a new education policy in 2020, which will be able to improve the education system to a great extent. This education policy is under the formula of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4. It also focuses on Indian values and learning. The student will able to study his favorite subject. It also emphasizes skill development. Therefore, Macaulay education system should end in India forever.

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