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It is need of an hour to adopt post pandemic work culture seriously

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Founder Director Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Law College Varanasi 221302 web: www.lbrlawcollege.org Since 2004

As we know that unlockdown procedure has been started in various phases and we have to learn to live with Covid 19. Now we, and only we, have a liability of maintaining the pandemic work culture. I would like to share my recent experience in a city of Varanasi – I had been waiting in office of architecture consultant for my piece of advice. I saw head entrepreneur, well educated himself, came from outside and started working instantly on his desktop without taking due care of standard operating procedure of following the guidelines of government to take precaution. Likely his staff followed the same step. When I objected, he just casually laughed the matter away sighting the famous quote of unknown intellectual “hona hoga tho ho jayega”. He was putting his life in danger and as well as of them who were in touch with him and should be penalized under section 270 of IPC for malignantly spreading the infectious disease. This is the level of irresponsibility shown by highly professionals. Until it falls on oneself, no body realizes the pain. It’s true. It is not the time of shifting the responsibility on other. Don’t wait for administration, management or employer to take care of yourself. We don’t have to create chaos at our work place. Neither panic, nor create environmental panic. We have to delete ‘what to do’ phrase and refresh ‘I will do it’. Take initiative. Don’t be at the demanding side, be ready to offer. We have to volunteer to do work outside our domain. We have just to rely on trust, common civic and hygienic sense and recommendation of social and physical distancing by government authorities.

Physical and social distancing does not means distancing with your personal virtues of politeness and care. Request of physical distancing should not be felt like a rebuke to others. Don’t make social distancing an excuse to reveal your indulgence with lethargy. Physical distancing is with individuals not with your work. Simple hygienic work culture like keeping sanitiser with you, cleaning your hands frequently, avoid touching face and eyes, wash your hands before entering your house or touching your loved ones will help everyone. Try constructive involvement of your smart phones like learning new ways of e-teaching, making use of PPTs to make your notes, especially teachers and lawyers. Big school brands have started this initiative. Download digital payment tools in phone to avoid touching currency notes. Try to have access to technological tools to avoid contacts.

The organizations and employers may emphasize on non monetary benefits like paid leave on alternate days to manage implications of transportation of staff (generally staff uses public means of transport which is better to avoid in present situation) rather than formal cash based incentives. In extreme conditions, alike central and state government, the hike in salary or increment can be put on hold in extreme condition to meet out unexpected expenses or maintaining the appropriate balance to run recurring expenses of the organization. Every small and big organization (government, semi government or private sector) are always concerned about their retainers and they expect the same from them.

Another debated term will soon come into news is of getting herd immunity. This happens when a large proportion (around 80 per cent) of the population develops immunity to a virus. This could either be through mass immunization or by having people infected with the virus, recovering from it and developing immunity to it. Mass immunization is definitely a distant tool to foresee at this point of time. Once a threshold has been reached, herd immunity gradually eliminates the disease from the population. This may take  time or it may be a hypothesis but we have eliminated deadly disease like influenza, tuberculosis with concept of herd immunity.

On a lighter note, all your patrons (for/under whom you work) are only humans and not super human. They will also get affected by every minute dynamics happening in the society. And even they are vulnerable to make faults. We have to learn to live with uncertainty  without  letting it weigh us down.

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Founder Director Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Law College Varanasi 221302 web: www.lbrlawcollege.org Since 2004

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