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Sonam Kapoor, Karma and Caste: How left-liberal ecosystem normalizes casteism

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It might be a clement Sunday across the elite households of India and it’s one of those days approved by the western standards to celebrate Manhood: Its Father’s Day. While everyday Paer Chhoona (touching elder’s feet) is too oppressive, patriarchal, and Hindu-centric, a full day to celebrate manhood is very much liberal, progressive, and Secular too.

Festivities aside, Sonam Kapoor, the upper-caste liberal, chose to share the father’s day wishes by thanking her Karma to be Anil’s daughter. There is no better way to rub the wounds of people living across the moat than by bringing her karmic-caste card to the table. These avoidable Freudian-slips coming from the self-certified civilized society is worrisome. 

Caste-Karma Connection: 

Sonam Kapoor who is a practicing Hindu and claims to be aware of Hindu philosophies in the past, audaciously credited her privilege to her Karma. Sonam might not have explicitly unleashed her caste, the connection of Karma and privilege leads to caste-system. The caste and karma are intertwined by the actions of an individual during the cycle of life and death. The position a soul in the hierarchy of the caste system correlates to the accumulated Karma of the past. A person who has sufficient good karmas in their previous lives is reborn into a higher caste, with privilege and resourcefulness and a person of bad karma is reborn into other rungs of caste hierarchy depending on their karma. This is not only insulting the aspirations of Dalits by blaming them for their suffering. The statement is absolving ourselves as a civilized society by blaming everything on Karma. 

Quiet Colleagues:

Bollywood, the forefront voluntary organization for fighting casteism, nepotism, among other social evils by promoting equality, meritocracy is yet to analyze and respond to the situation. While Sonam Kapoor might have emasculated the part-time civil-rights activist Swara Bhaskar on the sets of Veer di Wedding, we are yet to hear from other lesser-known celebrities to condemn or at least clarify that Sonam did not mean to what she meant. It’s Sunday, so there will be a comfortable silence across the Bollywood spectrum.

Caste and Left-ecosystem:

The practice of using caste to reason privilege is widely accepted in the left-liberal ecosystem. While center-right political organizations like BJP fights casteism by promoting less-advantaged communities to the positions of power, Left-wing organizations actively prevent this by deploying structural obstacles to keep the positions of power with their grip. Almost all the well-known Dalit activists in Academia, far-left Media organizations are from Upper-caste. The Dalit leadership among the left-ecosystem has deteriorated from laughable to sheer tragedy. 

Importance of Caste for Left-wing politics:

Caste eradication would undoubtedly strengthen the foundations of modern India and it would sharpen the soft-power of Indian-Hindu culture. A caste-less society will eventually move forward to a classless society, thanks to capitalism and the free-market. This increasing equality among demographics would threaten the survival of Communism.

The rise of Narendra Modi was the first step towards this shared goal. He broke the web of castes laid by the left-wing organizations by uniting them under common good. The defeat forced the leftwing back to the fortress of Barad-dûr only to conspire and retaliate. At the moment, the only thing which makes them relevant in the political landscape is to do the exact opposite of whatever Modi does, resulting in the venomous reflex of labeling caste on every good and bad. They desire to look into caste in everything that moves except themselves because Left-liberals are fully aware of their shameless caste-ridden structures which they relentlessly accuse of the right-wing.

Finally, the goal of the left-liberal, upper-caste committee is not to eradicate the caste system but to create a mirage of inequality among center-right organizations and use the Dalits and other disadvantaged sections of the society as their foot soldiers till their western-educated progenies return to continue the vicious cycle.

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