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George Floyd, another forgotten soul

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Srivatsava Sesham
Srivatsava Sesham
Social reformer by mind,engineer by job,writer by passion,hindu by ideology,politics by interest, finally a responsible INDIAN CITIZEN BY BIRTH

You might be wondering how he’s already a forgotten soul if most of America is burning to get justice for him. Yes, let’s talk about that. Black Lives Matter, of course, they are, blacks are oppressed for hundreds of years, and America grew on it. Today they got civil liberties at least on paper. Unfortunately, neither black people nor the other “neutral” people recognize the struggle of past leadership.

People who lead the protests, who fight for justice should be more careful about the propaganda that spewed on them. Lackluster speeches, irrelevant antidotes, the unclear mission would only make things worse and definitely counterproductive.

When I first heard about BlackLivesMatter movement, I thought this would make difference and make the conversation going on the systematic abuse of power by law enforcement agencies. Instead of debating and discussing the social inequalities and prejudiced opinions towards colored people BLM mostly indulges in whataboutery and righteousness. The moment you talk about good criminals and bad criminals you have already lost the ideological war. Remember people who want to see a change in society and especially for the lives of black people, need to fight the propaganda. This won’t come from just “white supremacists” this comes from media of both sides, politicians from both sides, organizations who want to survive on money laundering within the mask of fighting for social causes.

When an incident occurs, if you think it’s just a natural reaction that comes out from the political corners and especially privileged Hollywood kids, you are wrong. This is the PR opportunity for some, the political opportunity for some, ideological expansion opportunity for some, Like vultures feed on the dead body these opportunists feed on issues which lead to chaos and anarchy. In the end, everybody comes out as saint, it’s all about pointing fingers on people who oppose their ideology, party, or even their color. Real ones who are suffering from these social injustices, prejudiced opinions, power abuse continues to suffer. For the left problem should not be solved, if there is no problem then there won’t be chaos, if there is no chaos there won’t be propaganda, if there is no propaganda there won’t be political space. They need the poor to be poor, underprivileged to be underprivileged, injustices should continue so they can appropriate with useless analogies and illogical social consistencies.

Let’s take George Floyd’s case, no matter which side everybody on, unanimously agree that was a crime, and Floyd should have gotten better treatment and ultimately right justice. Ever since this happened, did you even see anybody talking about the circumstances that he went through, how easily law enforcement could abuse their power in daylight even in this cellphone era?.  George is not the first and definitely not the last, because the people who go on TV for justice for George don’t talk about George, and the people who don’t want Georges to survive obviously don’t want to talk about him. One side goes on rampage, loot, and riot, the other side starts preaching righteousness like everything in the system is so great that there is no problem in the first place.

According to me, BLM wasn’t useful to the core of this issue, all they could do is become a retweet from a celebrity who sits in 10 million dollar mansions while sipping his costliest wine or a 2 min clip in their new cop show. If you move the narrative from George, if you start talking about what is a good riot and what is a bad riot, if you start picking political stands then you are doing more damage to not just blacks but to an entire civil rights issue. Media and other “white supremacy” leadership want you to do that, so they can debate what is the right way to protest and what is wrong way to protest. All the leadership at BLM indulge in this debate, you will never win the argument. Because the moment you pick a reaction to the incident as your cause you have to justify the reaction but you lose the context bid on the incident.

Everybody worried about and discussing the riots in multiple cities, looting of designer stores, rioting the streets. In all these noises, George Floyd is shouting “I can’t breathe, please save me”, yes George still couldn’t breathe because we all forgot “why he died”, “how he died”. All we talk about the anger, reaction, and defend the indefensible crimes. While the real oppressors sit back and watch these go out of hand. They want this to happen so they can show this as a reason for their racism and prejudice. When the mayor of the city won’t talk about the next course of action on criminals who killed George but he was packed with curfew decisions, political war, and stuck in liberal vs conservative debate. Nobody makes him accountable, everybody talks about the attack on police headquarters but nobody is talking about the police officers abusing their power. Every time a George dies, the chaos overtakes the issue. It’s all in the vicious circle, which maintains status-quo so all the vultures can feed on.

The entire kneeling down during the national anthem sidelined the movement. Creating a new divide, which doesn’t exist, cannot heal society. When you pick protesting against sensitive emotions like the National anthem, respecting war heroes, saluting to the flag, you lose the people who are with you but have emotionally charged towards the idea of the nation. It won’t achieve anything but a PR promotion to celebrities, shoe companies and again goes back to a vicious circle of who is right who is wrong. Let’s take the debate further from protesting because protest should serve the purpose but not keep the water boiling. It needs to bring awareness to people, so the mindset can be changed, it cannot create new cracks and become a sanity test for the citizens.

Black Lives Matter should revisit their leadership. Keep aside political inclinations. It’s not about democrat or republican, it’s about humanity and civil liberties. Keep the discussion and narrative on the incident, not the reaction, don’t defend any kind of violence, reject outright, don’t even go into the debate of what is right protest and wrong, don’t give over explanations on “ all lives matter”, stick to the cause. The USA needs Justice for George, justice for Arbery, Justice for Cooper, and Justice for Charleston victims. They all today screaming, “we cant breath”. When you are fighting the mindset, you cannot change without bringing a sense of Unity over the issue. You cannot achieve the righteous society by defending the violent actions or picking the political side. You win when you concentrate on bringing perpetrators and power abusers to justice. When you increase awareness on the loopholes in the justice system when you stop preaching victim hood and start teaching accountability, responsibility, and oneness towards the nation the change will start. It may not be tomorrow, May not be in a few years but at least the next generation will grow without these prejudiced mindsets based on the color of our skins.

Remember the Martin Luther king.

“If we do not learn to live together as friends, we will die apart as fools.”

Black leadership should start uniting all people who feel these inequalities in the society, on the incident, and rebut every debate, which is not on the issue but on the reaction. Distance themselves from this unethical, violent reaction, no excuses for a crime. Whole Kashmiri pandits in India lost their home, family, and dignity 30 years ago but to this day, not one bus was burnt, not one store was looted, not one pandit indulged in riots. They are fighting in the constitutional framework for the justice they deserve. Inspire from them. Talk about George, make society accountable, bring change in mindset, ignore celebrities and their endorsements, be the change.

Work towards a society the MLK dreamed of.

May George soul rest in peace, may this great democracy work and bring those criminals to justice.


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Srivatsava Sesham
Srivatsava Sesham
Social reformer by mind,engineer by job,writer by passion,hindu by ideology,politics by interest, finally a responsible INDIAN CITIZEN BY BIRTH
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