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When leadership in crisis; learn from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

Real depth of a leader to lead a team/nation can be seen during emergency situations or crisis. Managing a team during regular work is not a big deal, team members already know how to deal with it. Team needs a leader who can navigate through when situation calls for deep stress, panic, fear and uncertainty.

It’s time to sharpen our leadership skills when we are going through worst pandemic and the leader clearly visible is PM Narendra Modi who has shown us the ways to be a better leader, you like or hate him, however at the core of your heart, you will agree that he is demonstrating how a leader has to be and manage situations when they are totally out of control.

First quality, we need to learn how to be calm and remain balanced as everyone is observing us and our actions as leader. He exhibited us the path to lockdown, critically required for the benefits of 130 crore Indians to safeguard lives even though economically it is not advisable, even otherwise we could have failed economically as well as socially, seeing at America and European countries. Hence, lockdown was the safest option available. He has started preparing mindset of every Indian in his first address to nation and declaring “Janata Curfew”, he didn’t pretend that everything is right but with conviction he revealed dangers of COVID-19 and at the same time shown faith in every Indian with poise in his face helped to create awareness and alertness about the worst effects of virus and why we need to lock ourselves in our houses to secure ourselves.

Second quality, develop a communication on a mental level. We have experienced in our life that communication on a mind level is much needed when we are in deep stress, under panic or going through the worst phase of life. As a leader, he developed subtle communication with everyone by various means. Address to the nation, Mann ki baat, some activities which were not going to finish corona virus but were essential to create positive vibes and channelize energy to lessen stress, fear and building a mindset which says, “We will overcome this deadly pandemic soon”. It is essential to have strong mind to resolve any issue and for that communication on mental level is indispensable. Not only 130 crore Indians but many countries followed his directions since they are very well aware of the importance of mental strength.

He is communicating with world leaders and local panchayat leaders as well; he has conversed with hospital staff as well as senior citizens and will continue to do so. He is ensuring to get feedback on the actions taken by the government and guiding and motivating teams on various levels.

Third quality, his approval rating in India and in the world is very high compared to other leaders. It didn’t make him arrogant and autocratic leader. He is constantly listening to the team of experts from medical field, economics, disaster management and executing necessary plans on ground. This is a great quality of a leader.

Forth quality, proactive approach and helping others. Generally, we look for help than to help during crisis. Great leader works other way round, PM Modi has shown path to whole world, apart from social and mental support, we are supporting many countries with essential medicines and equipment needed for COVID-19 treatment. This is possible due to a proactive approach by PM and timely decisions.

Request everyone to read it not as political article but to improve our learning curve from a great leader who belongs to everyone and loved by majority of people around the world.

Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal
Author, Educationist, Motivational speaker, AOL Teacher, Electrical Engineer
Books releasing in May: Youth: Reflection of Universe and in Hindi Yuva: Bramhand ka Pratibimb

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer
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