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Irrfan a journey

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Irrfan’s passing away touched lakhs of people in India, because Irrfan connected his audience on an individual level. Not only he was a terrific actor he was also a wonderful person in real life. Irrfan played many memorable roles be it in ‘Life in a Metro’, ‘Piku’ or in ‘Paan Singh Tomar’

Irrfan played the character of a common man effortless because at his heart he himself was one. All in his roles he added these bits of common man’s feelings be it insecurities, helplessness or joy and those roles became memorable for life. In one of his interviews he mentioned that he loved to travel and interact with people and observe them. He had the biggest weapon that any human can have and that was power of sharp observation.

Let’s take the example of his role of Monty in Anurag Basu’s ‘Life in a Metro”. This role is special because he played a joyful character who is not trying too hard in his life and content.

His dialogue delivery was effortless, for example there is a scene in his 2005 movie rog where he is explaining the doctor that he tried to kill himself but he couldn’t do it because he saw a rainbow from his window and changed his mind! In my opinion this scene is Irrfan’s top performance.

In his recent interview with Masand, Irrfan explained that, to become an actor one need to explore, observe and reflect their surrounding and society. Well this suggestion can also be used to become a mindful person. Osho once said everyone in this world is acting in their life.

I want to end this with one of dialogue from Irrfan’s movie Namesake. “Remember that you and I made the journey, and went together to a place. Where there was nowhere left to go” Farewell Irrfan!

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