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Comparing and Contrasting Narendra & Narendra

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“Narendra” fills our mind with power,
For want to make our India, a wonder.
5 words of a monk made claps shower,
Sigh of MODI makes foes of India shiver.

Both spread essence of Hindu culture!
Thinking of Vishwaguru India’s future..
Made youth to let their dreams nurture.
Their personalities are grids to inspire.

One made us proud with his knowledge,
Other with 56 inches of chest’s courage!
Former made humiliation of nation dodge.
Latter’s tenacity made Indian risk hedge.

Prior was mirror of Sanatani legacy,
Present is champion of diplomacy,
One gives solace with his bold policy,
Earlier one with tact bestowed ecstasy!

Both are pride of our diverse nation,
National service was and is their passion,
Vibrant India is their foresighted vision..
Let’s contribute to achieve their mission!

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