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Tabliqi Jamaat had all the information to cancel the Markaz: They didn’t

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There seems to be a gross misunderstanding as to what the objection was to the Tabliqi Jamaat event in Nizamuddin, Delhi. The event happens every year, no one cares or notices. The Tabliqi Jamaat was founded in India over a 100 years ago. No body bothered it till now because this year was different.

This year the Jamaat event was supposed to happen between 13th to 15th March. Lets have a look at events that happened prior to it, to get some perspective as to why the criticism of the Tabliqi Jamaat is completely justified and further action is necessary for their actions which are absolutely unforgivable.

As early as Feb 4th, the Indian government suspended flights from China as they were hotbeds of Corona infection.

All these measures were put in place to prevent Corona infections in the country.

PM Modi called for a cancellation of all Holi celebrations on 3rd March and he and his ministers cancelled Holi Milan celebrations on 4th March, a good 9 days before the Jamaat event. Was that not enough time for the Jamaat to cancel their gathering,YES.

6th March, Schools, Gyms, Universities were being shut across the country, especially in Delhi, prior to the Jamaat event, to prevent virus spread as cases have already been reported in Delhi. A good six days the Jamaat had, to cancel the event. Did they do it?? NO!

All visas to India were suspended on 12th March. It was 24 hours before the event. Another clue that the issue is serious and in the larger interest of society the event should be cancelled. Did it happen?NO!

On 12th March, 24 hours before the event, BCCI postponed the IPL. Before that India vs South Africa ODIs were cancelled to avoid large gatherings. None of these was clue enough for the Jamaatis to cancel their event?

Now the most shocking oversight of the Jammat & Markaz Organisers.
A similar event by the Tabliqi Jamaat in Malaysia resulted in over 2/3 of Corona cases tracing back to the Jamaat event. The 1st reports of infection of an attendee took place on March 1. More & more cases have been coming in till 12th March. Alarm bells should have started to ring. Did the Jamaat do anything? NO!

Same behaviour in Malaysia too by the Jamatis. Not cooperating with the authorities, hiding travel history. Why? In India one may argue that there is a “Muslim unfriendly” government. Malaysia and Indonesia faced the same behaviour by Jamaatis. Similar reports from Pakistan.

However, the Jamaat cancelled their Indonesia event though to prevent spread of the virus. Why the courtesy wasn’t extended to India is a mystery.

Forget cancelling, the religious head of the Jammat, Maulana Saad, openly provokes people to not follow Lockdown and not shut mosques, encouraging congregations in large numbers. The blatant disregard for the law of the land is utterly disgusting and unacceptable. This open call for defiance even as Ram Navami celebrations in Ayodhya were cancelled, prioritizing health of people over religion. While the Jamaat knelt religion over reason.

Over 900 pf the Jamaat attendees committed fraud by securing tourist visas for a different purpose. That itself is a possible threat to national security and a crime. Why was this done??

Ok, we forgive all of this and assume its an honest mistake (it’s absolutely not). Once the authorities are onto you, least you can do is to cooperate. Are they doing that? NO.

Spitting on the healthcare workers, security staff attending to them. Stone pelting on healthcare staff, who by the way are already risking their lives to save yours.

Chasing them with stones and sticks. Refusing to get tested. There is not one reason that the jamaatis deserve any sympathy or slack. They should be taken to task once this subsides. The TJ has been the subject of investigation in various countries and banned in several countries. The Jamaat is on the FBI scanner for providing recruitment to Al Queda and ISIS.

The Tabliqi Jamaat is officially BANNED in Saudi Arabia.

Tabliqi Jamaat is banned in Uzbekistan among other central Asian countries for extremist views and preaching.

Dear all those who are defending the Tabliqi Jamaat,
Its absolutely indefensible. Sensible people need to stop covering for the jamaatis by using incomparable situations like migrant crisis in Delhi.

The courage for people who do wrong stems from the people willing to close their eyes to the wrong doings.

Stop being a shield for mischief mongers to hide behind. Expose them and destroy them. That will be the biggest service to the people of the country and the community.

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