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Fact-Checking of fact-checkers: Are they reliable?

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Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar
Technical Architect by Job. Nationalist and rationalist writer on the topics related to common man and India.

Top 40 COVID-19 Safety countries

Deep Knowledge group published its research on Top 40 COVID-19 Safety countries in Forbes. India is not on the list. Okay, no problem. They have also created a list on COVID-19 risk list, and India is on that list. But Pakistan is not on the list. Do you see the problem? Not only Indians but also everyone around the globe doubt about these findings. The Times of Israel says people behind it has an unusual career history [source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Knowledge_Ventures].

India is not in the ranking despite the whole world is unanimously praising Modi government for its efforts to protect 1.3 billion people from the corona. Should we pay attention to this article from Deep Knowledge. YES and NO. Let’s see why??

We have seen recently the hidden biased agenda of many internationally recognised organizations. America has raised a question on WHO. There is a serious allegation on WHO to favour China in COVID-19 crisis. UN- another international body is also known for its biased role. International Human rights activist and other agencies also selectively target the incidents to take action and make hue and cry, we all have already observed that. BBC has its own agenda and bias for left-liberals. BBC journalists often cover the stories against India with full enthusiasm whereas they often don’t choose to cover the positive stories in India. BBC loves to show the Indian government in bad lights. The tone of reporting picked by BBC is never neutral on India.

I did some investigation of non-profit IFCN which set guidelines and give the certificate to websites which can be onboarded by Facebook, Google Tweeter and another online website to do fact-checking for them. IFCN claims that they have verified that the IFCN certified (signatories) websites are impartial and unbiased fact-checkers.

What I found after two-week long research that they give accreditation quickly to websites and media portals controlled by left-liberal. For example ALT NEWS, This website is very selective in picking stories for fact-checking. They just pick the stories which are supporting their ideology.

Even articles found on ALT News website itself have many false claims and misleading info. The objective of this web site is to show Modi government, all right-wing organizations and associated persons in a bad light. You can see the events in India in the last 2-3 months, from Jan 2020 to April 2020 and compare the selection of news for the fact check by ALTNEWS. The game begins here to brainwash the common man on the name fact-checking and sounding to everyone that they are unbiased and doing very good work of saving India from misinformation. However, in fact, they are building an atmosphere where people of a particular group feel they are targeted. The heinous crime of a particular community is downplayed by ALTNEWS. Surprised !! I have everything to prove my point. keep reading. First let’s see the nexus of left-liberals in the world of journalism, their award business and promotion of their like-minded persons and ideology in various fields..

So the question is what is the standards of Fact-Checking? who regulates the fact-checking business? How to ensure that fact-checkers are neutral? All this fact-checking jugglery started with 2007 election in America when Tampa Bay times created a non-profit project PolitiFact.com operated by Poynter Institute to track American elections. At that time this website was criticised by conservatives, liberals and other independent observers.

What is IFCN? As per IFCN website, “The International Fact-Checking Network is a unit of the Poynter Institute dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide”. In all Poynter Institute, Tampa Bay Times and the member on the board who donates the money to these institute influence the panel on the IFCN, which is another non-profit project of Poynter Institute.

Who is the owner of the Poynter Institute?

No single owner but there are board members who run the Poynter Institute. Its very interesting to see who are these members.

The Poynter Foundation Board: Brian P. Tierney– CEO Brian Communications, Chairman Realtime Media. Many controversies around him. Just see his Wiki profile. Paul C. Tash– Chairman and CEO of the Times Publishing Company and Chairman of Poynter’s Board of Trustees. Former member of Pulitzer Prise Board 2006-2014. Neil Brown – President, The Poynter Institute Member of Pulitzer Prise Board 2016- Till Date Michael Dreyer – President, The Tampa Bay Trust Company. This trust manages a few trillion dollars of American elite class (Strong group of left liberals). Frank “Sandy” Rief III– Attorney, Allen Dell, Attorneys at Law. He is expert in taking care of Tax issues of elite in Tampa , Florida Elizabeth Sembler – Board Member, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Ex-Staff writer Thampa Bay Times

Explore the above personalities they are closely related to left-liberals groups in America. PolitiFact.com won Pulitzer Prizes in 2009 for national reporting. Paul C. Tash and Neil Brown both were associated with Pulitzer Prize as board members. Pulitzer Prize, Poynter and PolitiFact both are frequently associated with left Liberal. The claim is also supported by a statement from the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary, Kathleen Parker- “It’s only because I’m a conservative basher that I’m now recognized after 23 years of toiling in the fields, right?”. Notice the nexus of left-liberals around the globe Poynter board, Pulitzer board, Politifact owners, IFCN panellist.

What is the conclusion? Like-minded persons promote like-minded person and collaborate among themself. Gang of Left Liberals. Be it Pulitzer Prize founders their board members and Poynter promoted IFCN. So let’s come back to IFCN story. All board members run their own fact check web sites in different countries. And then here comes the Mollah!! These fact check web sites can potentially receive $100000 or more every year from Facebook and other similar financial contracts from google,tweeter in return of fact-checking service. Since they are fact-checkers affiliated with IFCN they receive traffic from Facebook and various web sites. Thus They receive additional web traffic from giants like Facebook and Google. So becoming a fact-checker is a good business model, Adsense revenue, you get the donation also so that website can independently perform its task. Many web sites doing it correctly. They pick every news and stories which impacts the nation, do fact check and report as true-false or half-truth.

But the problem starts when Fact-Checking websites start picking the stories very selectively according to their ideology. When IFCN also starts picking the signatories selectively then it becomes very dirty. The websites and their owner endorse a particular ideology, they are boarded quickly. When IFCN panellists themself endorsing a certain ideology and run their web site to support it and rejects websites because they are from another ideology.

Verdict on the stories for fact-checking might be correct but the question arises when these web sites do not pick a story because they don’t want to say that story is true. Really!! Its like mother makes complain to father about mischieve of kid name Ram but never for another one – Abdullah. Father will always think that Abdullah is a very good boy, all mischieve is done by Ram.

For example – ALT NEWS Did not pick a single story about “Tablighi Jamat” and said that it is true that Tablighi Jamat created havoc in India. They picked all Jamat related story which was false and created an illusion around the globe, not only in India, that Tablighi Jamat is innocent and Muslims are victims in India. Every Indian knows that what Tablighi Jamat actually did in India. This web site has 221K subscribers, 151K fans and 56K youtube subscribers. Now you can imagine the destruction this web site is inflicting to the communal harmony of India. Muslims in India and around the world, who are trusting this web site as a source of correct and unbiased news will be misinformed. As per logic and constitution, the Indian government or Indian police must take action against ALT NEWS if they are doing wrong because ALT NEWS is not a secret web site. Moreover, To keep their dirty secrets guarded, ALTNEWS or supporter of their ideology removed co-founder name from Wikipedia. See the screenshot from the ALTNEWS showing the co-founder name and his article. Also, see the recently modified Wikipedia page from where his name is removed.

If you do fact-finding on Tablighi Jamat on ALT NEWS you will get the illusion that Tablighi Jamat members never defecate in public. However, Actually, Tablighi Jamat members defecated in Narela as per the another authorised source. Not selecting a true story and mark it as true. What does it indicate? On the contrary, ALTNEWS picks similar story but the false one and published that as false. All this drama just to create a better image of a group of persons who are responsible to create corona havoc. Try to recognize these polished tactics which are used by left-liberal and anti-Indians groups under the name of fact-checking.

So next time when you read fact-checking website don’t just notice the false stories, also notice what stories they published as truth, what stories marked as false and What stories they did not touch at all? Do the fact check on all web sites.

Time to do FACT CHECKING on FACT Checkers.

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Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar
Technical Architect by Job. Nationalist and rationalist writer on the topics related to common man and India.
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