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Why Tamil Nadu need Modi and not anti-Hindi agitators

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Tami Nadu needs a national leader and not state or regional leader to lead the state to progress and prosperity. Starting from solving the problem of unemployment, agrarian distress to water crisis, regional parties can at best only know to blow up their pipe and create firewall around the state not to yield to the neighbouring state as a part of their vote bank politics only PM Modi alone can offer solution.

Need of the hour is national vision and national sentiments in the state and not over harvesting on regionalism for political gain as practiced by DMK and other tukde tukde groups. The changing weather conditions, total failure and or heavy down pouring of rains in different parts of India etc., demands Indians to work more as one nation than re-inventing the regionalism or federal character of the state.

The acute water crisis of Tamil Nadu and death of over hundreds of children in Bihar due to encephalitis, both are problems of India and such problems does not belong to the respective states alone. Whenever a state encounter any natural calamity or other problems beyond the manageable strength of the state, India as a whole must respond positively to the state and must rescue the state because India and Indians can be helped only Indians and not by people of other country.

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Therefore one spirit and one letter called India, should drive the states to unite and work together to build New India. Keep whipping regionalism, opposing the entry of Hindi language and spreading negative opinion about the people of other states by the regional parties will never lead India to success nor would ever help to solve multitude of problems.

For Tamil Nadu, the need of the day is a national leader who is benevolent, wise, visionary and un-corrupt and incorruptible and would promote the core ethos and philosophy of India, called Hinduism, the umbilical cord that unites India together.

PM Modi is the only leader as on date fit the definition of a leader of all states. PM Modi is true and sincere to Tamil Nadu as well as to Karnataka and to all other states. His vision for New India encompasses the progress and prosperity of every state and every state together makes India great. Therefore every state must follow one aim – INDIA but can have several objectives. To keep the state anchored to the aim well, every state needs a national leader and not the regional leader. Days of regional leaders are over and the state must move towards one India.

Fortunately AIADMK, PMK, DMDK and many other regional parties are in alliance with BJP lead by Narendra Modi. All the regional parties of BJP alliance in Tamil Nadu must therefore promote the importance of Tamil Nadu having a national leader Modi to ensure development of the state and free the state from corruption and dynastic rule.

It is impossible for any politicians to be in power continuously and incorruptible but Narendra MODI has proved it to be possible in Indian politics, in the recent times. To integrate and fix various problems of the state, a leader with national vision is necessary and not by those politicians who divide the state by spreading negative and hate politics, politics of dynasty and nepotism, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu and anti-God sentiments and venom against Brahmins can save the state. 

Tamil Nadu needs to move along with the vision of one India, one election and should not separate its umbilical cord with India, called Hinduism.

DMK by playing Dravidian politics and politics of negativism has ruined the state. Recently one of the prominent leaders of DMK has warned the state government that he would not allow water to be brought to Chennai from Vellore, his home constituency. 

How DMK can see Vellore and Chennai separately and can have a fair vision for Tamil Nadu?

The same old politics of DMK is not going to save the state and therefore the state must support BJP and Modi. Tamil Nadu needs a national leader. All the alliance parties must spread the good governance and all pro-poor initiatives Modi to the people of Tamil Nadu and must educate the people to support BJP government at the centre and the alliance government in the state and not DMK. PMK, DMDK, AIADMK etc., must reach out to their constituent support base to work towards building New India and new Tamil Nadu where centre and state must work together as partners and not as two opposing forces.

The partnership with the centre must be to progress the state and not to loot from the public exchequer as in the case of UPA 2 where DMK was alleged have looted huge sum of money from 2G auction and some leaders of DMK also served jail term.

Hope the people of the state will recognize the urgent need that the state needs a national leader Modi and not the regional parties that plays divisive politics on language, culture and ethnicity. India must grow as one family where one state will voluntarily come forward to solve the problems of the other state and vice versa and not fear monger among people that they alone can safe guard the rights of the respective states.

Let us pledge our unconditional support to PM Modi and build New Tamil Nadu and New India.

S Ranganathan

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