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Fact checking the fact checkers – Is any one fact checking Rahul Gandhi?

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In my quest for entertainment – I checked out Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Kartnataka today. Looks like his speech writers are blocking his creative ideas but I was amazed by the shameless lies that he peddled one after another on Rafale, NPA’s, Jobs, CBI, 15 lakhs etc. While I know Opindia is doing a commendable job of exposing fake news. I was intrigued on what is the state of affairs I know that other portals are pretending to be neutral. I did an excercize today to see how are the fact checkers on the ecosystem side reporting on Rahul Gandhi’s speeches.

Now if you look at Altnews or Boom – they are claiming to be neutral fact checkers and seem to have time to fact check random twitter accounts. Rahul Gandhi’s speeches I though would’ve multiple articles and fact checkers but then this is a classic example of grip of ecosystem. The fact-checkers have 0 articles fact checking Rahul Gandhi on the supposedly biggest debate of this election cycle.

Here are the articles altnews has published on Rafale. Do you see a single article sharing facts on Rafale or exposing Rahul Gandhi’s lies??

Unbelievable right – you can check out the search on your own by clicking here

Here are the articles that Boomlive have published. Again do you see even a single article sharing facts on Rafale or or exposing Rahul Gandhi’s lies??

Again if you don’t believe this is truth-  you can check out on your own by clicking here.

And doesn’t allow to search fact checked articles but looks like they also don’t have anything published.

While I have not shared it here – I did search for other Rahul Gandhi lies like NPA, Jobs data, CBI or 15 Lakhs in account and ofcourse nothing. It does look like ecosystem sponsored fact checker job in India is to fact check random social media posts. Its not even funny.

I think they have made it so easy for sites like Opindia to seal their place as India’s genuine fact checkers ( Just need to frame the debate correctly to seal it).

PS – This is actually a nightmare for democracy. We need opposition that can raise real issues with facts. If the ecosystem continues to be fake news paddlers – then we would not have a real check and balance in place for the NDA government.

PS (2) – How do you like the idea of Rahul Gandhi fake news tracker? Share your thoughts in comments.

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