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A reply to the AMAN KI AASHA flagbearers

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

Yes, war is evitable, yes war is dangerous, yes war takes lives, yes war is a disaster.

To say “Let’s talk peace”, is far easy than actually doing so, because while we talk peace, perpetrators of terror, stand with a gun pointed at our heart, and pretend as if they are listening, but are actually loading their weapons. War is useless and catastrophic. If an issue can be solved without co-ordinating to the war axis, it is the best. But when India and Pakistan are on two axes, the war axis cannot be ignored. The way the “Peace Gang” has been advocating peace, it seems that India has always initiated wars, and Pakistan has accepted defeat just to stop the bloodshed.

But, do we not know how many times we have shouted peace to our hostile neighbours? Do we not know how each time they responded to our peace by 26/11, ceasefire violations, Pathankot, Uri and lately Pulwama? If being the flag bearers of peace gives our neighbours the impression of India being weak and puny, should we not bother to teach them a lesson? Yes, we will send them the message of peace, but this time, it’ll be wrapped in a bullet, and delivered straight to their hearts.

I read a recent article written by the wife of a soldier who said war is of no use. I couldn’t agree more. Even the soldiers at the border want peace, they don’t want to kill or get killed. But when the enemy doesn’t want to give peace, what option do we have but to snatch it away? After the 14th February Pulwama attack, many have come out saying we don’t want revenge, rather we want peace. Yes, we all want peace, since 1947. Did we get peace even after giving away Pakistan PoK? No, we didn’t and we won’t until we show Pakistanis and their terrorists, where they belong to and that is under the boot of our soldiers.

Chanakya said that once an enemy, forever an enemy. This will eternally hold true for Pakistan. The fact is they hate peace and look for opportunities to dismantle peace, anywhere it exists. But the saddening facet of all these discussions on Pulwama is that liberal Indians have constantly demoralised the forces, by reminding them of the uselessness of war. They have seen their own die in front of their eyes, just because, they were protecting “Peace” at the borders. They are the ultimate human beings, as they have voluntarily signed a contract that says they may die any moment in service of the nation. They are strong and brave to accept a soldier’s life, the contour of which is most unpredictable. It is cowards like us, whose freedom they are upholding and using that freedom to demoralise the forces by asking them not to ask for revenge for their martyred brothers, is selfish and inconsiderate. Don’t we have the tiniest trust on the ability of our forces to decimate the enemy?

We as Indians, have garnered an image of inaction over the years. We have witnessed how the defence forces were denied to avenge 26/11. We can’t let the same happen again for Pulwama. As Indians, it is our duty to keep the morale high of those people who have time and again repaid the debt of all Indians to the motherland, while we filled our pockets and secured our future. This selfishness must end. If you have an army man in your family, please don’t demoralize them by reminding them of the futility of war, by asking them to not go for their duty.

They make the ultimate sacrifice for a country’s future and we have no rights to ask them to not do what they feel deems fit for the situation. I would salute those mothers who send their second child to join the forces after the death of the first. It is time we set them free to seek revenge, whichever way they feel is right. Remember, the next time you say to personnel that war is futile and useless, you may be right, but you have let down a hero. Let’s stand by our forces at this hour and not tie them to the fetters of inaction, rather let’s set them free to do whatever they wish to, with setting any regulations.

Lastly, let’s remember that sometimes we have to fight for small things like peace, just the way we did for independence in the past.

“For I’m here for my mother,                                                                                                                              To protect her like an armour,                                                                                                                        To pay back her eternal debt,                                                                                                                        To safeguard all her children from any military threat”

                                                        ~To My Mother’s Wound

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.
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