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Why Narendra Modi for 2019

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Priya Vandana Jayarajan
Priya Vandana Jayarajan

Counselor. Cynophilist.

Narendra Modi, like a swan that gracefully moves on a lake, is a picture of elegance in motion but what is hidden from the eye is the huge big activity going on beneath the water’s surface. The swan’s seemingly easy movement is an ideal metaphor for PM Modi’s tireless hard work, seemingly effortless, for the betterment of India. Genius makes the hard work look ridiculously easy, thus giving the impression that it is effortless.

Sharing here some of his major achievements along with news links of reputed publications who carried the stories. I am sharing all this information because there is a large segment of people who are still unaware about it.

  • Direct Benefits Transfer: A Game-Changer.Unprecedented Expansion of Direct Benefits to the Deprived and Deserving. Rapid Increase in Number of Beneficiaries getting Direct Benefit Transfer
  • India is moving from Women Development to Women-Led Development
  • Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme
  • Quality and Affordable Healthcare for All. Game changer scheme – Ayushman Bharat
  • Enhancing Connectivity through Modern Transport
  • Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan crosses 1 crore free check-ups
  • Forex Reserves Booming, Hitting Record Numbers
  • Putting North-East On The Development Track – Rail Connectivity
  • Development of North-East – The Heart of India’s Act East Policy
  • Digital Payments receive significant boost
  • Unprecedented increase in tax compliance after demonetisation(Multiple Benefits of Demonetisation)
  • Revolutionary Swachh Bharat Mission
  • India registers its highest ever increase in Ease of Doing Business Ranking
  • Producing More Crops, Per Every Drop
  • Railways – Financial Progress
  • National Highways Construction
  • UJALA – Impact of Economy of scale
  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. MUDRA: Empowering Aspirations, Enabling Socio-Economic Empowerment
  • Unprecedented increase in Khadi sales under Modi Government
  • Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana -Life Insurance to protect the Poor
  • Jan Dhan -Banking The Unbanked
  • Highest ever detection of black money. Unprecedented Crack Down on Corruption and Black Money
  • Major push for Labour Reforms
  • The Code on Wages : Subsumes 4 Acts into 1
  • Mobile Banking picks up unprecedented pace
  • India takes giant leap in Solar Power Generation.
  • Electrifying every corner of India.
  • Housing for All Gets Major Boost under Modi Govt(Aawas Yojna)
  • New India: Power for the Poor, Sustainability and Savings for the Nation.
  • Empowering the Elderly – Thanking the Hands that Built the Nation
  • Boost to Higher Education
  • Intellectual Property Rights on the Fast track.
  • Unimaginable, amazing co operations & Collaborations stitched amongst Defence & Indian Private Sector for  #MakeInIndia
  • Major Steps taken for Reducing Tax Litigations.

  • Cabinet approves hike in MSP for Kharif Crops for 2018-19 Season.

  • GST helped in supply chain effectiveness, improved ease of doing business, says Marico.

  • Close to 32 crore bank accounts opened under Jan Dhan Yojana post 2014.

  • Hiring activity up 9% in June; auto sector sees highest growth: Report.

  • Making mobile. Make in India gets a massive push – Samsung opens world’s largest facility in Noida

  • Global investors upbeat on India, says HVS’ Rushmore.

  • Mobile wallet transactions hit record ₹14,170 crore in May.

  • Renewable energy sector employed 4.3 lakh people in 2017: Report.

  • At 53.1, June manufacturing PMI records highest growth since Dec 2017.

  • A Year On, GST Remains India’s Biggest Tax Reform.

  • Kharif MSP for farmers to be 150% of production cost

  • Ujjwala revolution.

  • Social security cover extended to 50 crore subscribers, increase of about 10-times since 2014

  • India records highest number of IPOs globally in first half of 2018: EY

  • Benami properties of Rs 43 bn attached; Jaipur and Mumbai top the list.

  • 4 m jobs created in 8 months as per EPFO data, largest addition ever: CSO

  • On the rise: EPFO monthly payroll count jumps 43% in just a month.

  • After GST, big is bountiful at Diamond City

  • India showed no signs of domestic, financial risks in 3 yrs: Nomura

  • Income Tax Department detects Rs.10, 767 Crore undisclosed income during fiscal 2017-18

  • PM Awas Yojna: Govt raises carpet area up to 2,100 sq ft for interest sop

  • Under PMO watch, 750 officers take 7 schemes to 45,000 villages

  • Rural housing scheme a mega job-spinner

  • Government-appointed task force to take action against 2.25 lakh shell companies

  • Industrial production for the month of June expanded at a robust 7 per cent led by strong growth in manufacturing and capital goods sector.

  • The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018, cleared during monsoon session of Parliament is a ground breaking legislation & has the potential to transform Indian economic landscape in the years to come.

  • Govt is meeting targets months AHEAD of the deadline – electrification of villages, Jana-dhana Yojana, infrastructure projects and now UJJWALA Yojana. 5crore gas connections already given 8 months ahead of deadline.

  • Industrial production for the month of June expanded at a robust 7 per cent led by strong growth in manufacturing and capital goods sector.

  • Creditors have recovered Rs 49,783 crore, or almost 56% of their admitted claims, from 32 stressed companies where insolvency resolution plans were approved by the NCLT by the end of June, showed data compiled by the insolvency regulator.

  • Marvellous schemes designed to not only help unemployed youth but also garner their support for Govt. How many are aware of these schemes that are not only meant for them but also go a long way in bridging that gap between performance and perception?

  • Consumer economy seems to be firing on all cylinders once again. From automobiles to packaged consumer goods makers, companies are poised to report double-digit growth in sales for 3rd straight quarters.

  • “Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme – 2018”, Individuals will earn upto 1Cr for giving information of Benami Properties.

There are many many more such achievements. For India to prosper, it needs to be developed and that is exactly what the Prime Minister is focussing on ever since he took the oath in 2014. The Congress is left with only four states. This number could go down further as their leader is a part time politician who leaves his karyakartas when they need him the most, in times when the party is going through its worst crisis post Independence. His random inane jibes, sound bites are ludicrous and don’t help his cause in any way. The ecosystem which his family nurtured over decades is trying hard to prop him up as reformed/transformed leader but the people are not impressed. Because in the history of Independent India, for the first time we have a Prime Minister who works relentlessly, 24*7. When he visits foreign countries, he’s not on vacation trips but for strengthening of ties with those countries. His devotion to the nation is unquestionable and so is his intent. His four and a half year journey however, must be the toughest for any Prime Minister. The hatred he faced is unprecedented. After the ignominious defeat in general elections, every dirty trick was used by the CONs with the help of their pseudo liberal lobby to tarnish his image and demean him. Eventually, they failed in their attempts and got thoroughly exposed. Undeterred by these vicious campaigns against him, he continued with his development work to bring about change in the lives of the poorest of the poor.

The Gandhis’ only agenda in the last sixty years was minority appeasement and amassing of wealth for themselves. The Messiah’s of the “garib” did nothing for the upliftment of the poor. 2014 happened because of this as people had seen through their deceit and treachery. As we approach 2019, people should be firm in their conviction and belief in Narendra Modi. They should realise that it is unrealistic to expect the cleansing of the rot in the system in five years, especially because of the hostile judiciary, compromised Media bureaucracy. Change WILL happen but there’ll be hardships on the way and we should be willing to endure them. All those who are feeling disgruntled, especially the middle class, it’s imperative that they don’t fall for the fake propaganda by the naysayers.

Hope is a promise, every politician has tried selling his voter. But Modi with his set of changes, truly makes that HOPE come alive again. And for that every Indian must back him to the hilt in 2019 and beyond. The truth is right in front of us..bare. It’s upto us to decide where we want to go from here – forward or backwards!!

Choice is yours.

Vandana Jayarajan

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Priya Vandana Jayarajan
Priya Vandana Jayarajan

Counselor. Cynophilist.

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