Why are some journalists and ‘activists’ dying to deny ‘Love Jihad’?

“Eminent Intellectuals” from Bollywood and Twitter Activists are well-known for their Hypocrisy on important issues in India. All time bashing and making Hindus go on guilt trips, these folks go in denial on Muslim Extremism. One of those issues is Love Jihad & enforcement to convert into Islam by deceptive means exploiting human emotions.

Yesterday, International troll cum Dolt Economist Dhume sir proclaimed that there is no such thing as Love Jihad . Never disappionting NDTV journalist Nidhi came up out of nowhere to support agenda.

How shameless deniers these folks are can be known from the fact that just two days ago, a Mumbai based Model had accused her husband of torturing her for not converting to Islam. She also claimed that the Muslim guy (her husband) recently remarried a woman and has now asked her to walk out of his life.

There have been many more such cases. Muslim Extremists convert Hindu women in the name of Love Jihad and if girl denies than they even beat her up. A famous case is from Jharkhand where a national level shooter fell victim to this trap.

Here are some more cases of Love Jihad & enforcement of convert to islam in a Twitter thread. Horrendous and horrifying, but somehow these journalists can’t see:

But “Eminent Intellectuals” will still not outrage on this issue and keep denying it.

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