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Kargil war

Pegasus snoopgate: Who is holy or evil?

Snooping were there, are there and will be there to stay as a weapon in the hands of government/s.

Media bias & fake news in India: The origins

The world has seen violence induced due to mindless media reports and so has India.

Balakot Airstrikes never got the credit it deserved and it’s high time we realize it’s importance

With many myths busted, many relationships exposed, new relations being formed; the world order has completely changed since Balakot air strikes executed more than perfectly. The world was surprised by the new spirit of India.

Peace not a discourse, rather an objective

India lead by Atal Bihari Vajpayee tried immensely to give peace a chance. It worked round the clock to engage Pakistan despite Kargil war thrust upon herself by Pakistan.

कश्मीर में शान्ति बहाली ही शहीदों को सच्ची श्रधांजलि होगी

जिस दिन कश्मीर की वादियाँ फिर से केसर की खेती से लहलहाते हुए खेतों से खिलखिलाएँगी, उस दिन कारगिल शहीदों को हमारे देश की ओर से सच्ची श्रद्धांजलि होगी।

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