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Election in India

बंगाल चुनाव देश की राजनीति की दिशा तय करेगा

बंगाल का यह चुनाव तृणमूल बनाम भाजपा मात्र दो दलों के बीच का चुनाव नहीं रह गया है बल्कि यह चुनाव देश की राजनीति के लिए भविष्य की दिशा भी तय करेगा। बंगाल की धरती शायद एक बार फिर देश के राजनैतिक दलों की सोच और कार्यशैली में मूलभूत बदलाव की क्रांति का आगाज़ करे।

Overview of voting trends of Muslims in Bihar election 2020

by observing the overall data, one can conclude that non-Muslim votes are divided into Muslim and non-Muslim candidates while Muslim votes are only divided among Muslim candidates.

Indian electoral democracy is any day better than the USA

No matter what, whoever wins the POTUS prize, purportedly the most powerful office in the universe, be it Donald J Trump or Joe Biden, American democracy is unlikely to have won.

Elections 2019: India’s defining moment

Elections in India are no more Parliamentary, they have taken a presidential form, perhaps Prime Ministerial form. We no longer elect local representatives who in turn choose their leader.

Sukumar Sen: The unsung hero of Indian democracy

The man who commenced first Loksabha Election of independent India. It was no less than a herculean task when 85% population was illiterate.

Financing clean politics with taxpayers money in India

State funding of elections, party/candidate expense will reduce corruption massively and enable many honest and committed people to enter public service.

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