Thursday, April 22, 2021



Are nervous bankers spreading canards using PR firms after CBI’s action on corrupt bank officials?

Bankers are attempting to cover up corruption by tagging it as a legitimate commercial failure, thinking that spreading canards using PR firms can help creating pressure on the government.

BHIM: The eWallet killer

BHIM app is a simple, convenient & powerful competitor to existing eWallet apps which operate on commission or earning interest on money before crediting to merchants.

Demonetization: It came, it saw and it has already conquered India

Knowingly or otherwise, demonetization has already changed the trajectory of India.

Remonetisation: Solving the Currency Conundrum

The article explains how replacement of banned Rs. 500 is not happening by an equivalent replacement but by adding a substantial quantity of notes of smaller denominations.

ईमानदार की अफीम

ईमानदार आदमी को त्याग मे भी बड़ा संतोष मिलता है, और संतोष पाकर ईमानदार हाइ हो जाता है। संतोष ईमानदार की अफीम है, और वो मोदी जी ने 8 नवंबर से भर भर के बांटी है।

A toast to all my fellow Indians

The recent demonetization has bound us all in a moral endeavour to forge for ourselves a more transparent, fair and equitable system apart from its obvious effects like bringing down the drug trade, trafficking, terrorism, etc.

Psychology of a Modi-hater

The ability to spin any story (politics-religion nexus, oil corporations, Zakir Naik, dictatorships, communism, etc) into an anti-Modi jibe is a truly remarkable talent.

Government mistakes are OK: When will the government system become accountable to common man?

System has glaring problems and the country has got great young plethora of educated people to solve them. The system needs to put accountability in itself and the country can do miracles.

Demonetization: A well-coordinated attempt or a knee-jerk disaster?

Everyone knows while the demonetization is the decision of the PM, it was a prolonged need of the country. And if the incumbent govt won't, who would address this need?

Beware: MSM spreading lies about rift between Ramdev and PM Modi

He made it clear that he looks at all parties from the same lens and he has openly supported PM Modi during Lok Sabha polls. So, the point is clear, he has criticized implementation.

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