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4 lessons from Mahabharat and Ramayan to modern day Hindus

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Our ancient scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata gives us a lot of idea about how to lead a life and how to protect themselves from the adversaries. Especially Mahabharata is one of the best guide to us in learning lots of things. Dwaparayug and Krishna came just before Kaliyug just to teach us how to counter the adversaries and how to tackle evil forces.

Lesson-1: Why Rama came first and later the Krishna?

Ramayana: On the first day of war, Ravana was thoroughly destroyed. Shri Ram asked Ravan to put his bow down so that he can avoid fighting him in the guise of not fighting with someone without a weapon. Ravan obliged and put his bow down. Rama forgave Ravana and let him go.

Mahabharatha: Krishna asked Arjun to kill the Karn in the state of helplessness. It is because Krishna knew if Arjuna hadn’t killed Karn now then he couldn’t be killed if he is well equipped for battle. Krishna would go to any extent to rescue dharma and to destroy the evil.

Now in the present context if Hindus would have understood this one concept they wouldn’t have let any invasion.

When Prithviraj Chauhan defeated the Mahmud Ghori in the first war of Tarain he was asked to attack the retreating army. But Prithviraj Chauhan refused to do so as it did not conform to the fair war rules. Later we all know that Mahmud Ghori attacked Prithviraj Chauhan with a well trained army and planned meticulously to defeat and kill the Prithviraj. Which led to the fall of Hindu regime in the India.

This is why Dwaparaya yoga came late and Krishna wanted us to understand that next kaliyuga is coming and you cannot win the battle if you are like Rama. So Krishna used all possible tactics to keep the dharma.

Conclusion: From the above lesson we can understand that if Hindus were “as straight as arrow” like Shri Ram then it would push us to the situation of Pritviraj. So Hindus must also adapt themselves to fight the evil forces like Krishna. Dealing with anti-Hindu forces might sometimes need a hard approach.

Lesson-2: Importance of being informed about the surrounding environment

In the whole Mahabharata only two persons were best planners one is Krishna who is on the side of dharma and another one is Shakuni who is on evil side. Krishna and Shakuni were intelligent persons in whole Mahabharata because both knew the importance of the information. They both had the best spies around all the kingdoms during those days.

From 750 AD to 1200 AD which means after the end of Vardana dynasty to before the start of Islamic invasion there were 3 major forces in India such as  Gurjara Pratiharas in north India, Palas in eastern India and Rashtrakutas in South India. These powers were constantly fighting with each other with aim to set up their control on Gangetic region in northern India.

This conflict among them led to the breakup of their powers in other words it weakened the internal soul of them. Those powers failed to collect the information about happenings of outside India and engaged themselves in the conflict. They didn’t keep themselves updated from the new weaponry and modern day war tactics and the geo political shifts.

Conclusion: So it is very essential for the today’s Hindus to keep themselves updated with the changing happenings around them else the consequences will be same as that of powers. Because adversaries may come in the name of Tool kit or any anti-Indian protest.

Lesson-3: Power of the bedha (Divide and Rule) or breaking the unity

Mahabharata: Krishna showed the power of creating the Behda in Mahabharatha. He showed that “what a misunderstanding can create”. Even it breaks the powerful because of the technique of Behda.

  • Krishna sent Pandavas to Bhisma to make sure that they aren’t hurt in battle field and he learnt the strategies to defuse Bhisma.
  • Krishna used the small understand in the battle field to kill Dhrona.
  • Krishna destroyed the last guard which Vidura had kept to save duryodana by the same behda technique.
  • Krishna made sure that Shalya would trouble the Karna in the war.

Ramayana: Even the bedha created in ravana’s army like Vibhishana joined the Rama destroyed the Ravana. Vibhishana gave all the key secrets of the Indrajit and Ravana to Rama and it helped a lot to destroy them.

Modern history: In the modern history we have so many examples one of them is how the British destroyed the unity of Hindus using the bedha. King Ambhi kumar, Raja maan singh, Jayajirao Scindia are some of the outcome of this technique.

Bedha is most powerful technique and using it in a right context can even destroys the empire like Chanakya did to defuse Nanda empire. Creating the behda i.e. between the Hindus is now the new conspiracy going on inorder to defuse them. In the name of caste, race, geographic division and class structure Hindus can be easily divided.

Conclusion: So it is very important to keep unity among Hindus irrespective of the caste and creed. Once someone said it right “There is no one that can defeat India except its own people”.

Lesson-4: Stop fanaticizing and start thinking logically

Ravana and kauravas were destroyed because they were too much involved in the fantastic illusion about their powers and forget the ground reality. Ravana neglected the power of Rama and monkey army and thought what a mere human can do and got destroyed.

Duryodana just by looking at the great warriors in his side he forget himself and waged the war. Today Hindus are thinking that they are safe because they are 75% in India but one day the demographics might change just like things happened in Kashmir.

So Hindus should also not fanaticize themselves by looking the movies and shouldn’t be misled by the so called intellectuals.  

Conclusion: The time has come for Hindus to not only chant Shri Rama nama but also be like Krishna to destroy the evil forces.

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