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Anil Deshmukh rushed to meet “Bidi King” in Delhi soon after resigning as HM of Maharashtra

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Now after the Ex-Home Minister of Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh resigned after court ordered CBI enquiry on 100Cr extortion case on him. This situation arise after Ex-Mumbai chief Shri Parambir Singh wrote a letter to CM stating about the 100 Cr extortion nexus via Sachin Vaze, suspended Mumbai Police cop in which he stated that this all was carried on the order of Deshmukh. This case is also directly linked with death of Mansukh Herien and with the Gelatin sticks found near Businessman Ambani house in which Sachin Vaze is suspected to be main villain.

Immediately after resigning Anil Deshmukh booked an appointment to Bidi King Praful Patel and soon rushed to Delhi. The reasons are still unknown but various sources states that Deshmukh is afraid of the CBI probe against him, so he is in search for his political godfather, or Patel can work as a link between Deshmukh and his godfather.

Praful Patel who is also a piece of nepotism in politics, his father Manoharbhai Patel, was a INC Party leader. He is the president of India’s association football governing body the All India Football Federation (AIFF) since 2012. His family runs the CeeJay group, a large tobacco conglomerate in India.

Political career of Patel is quite interesting, he was elected thrice to the Lok Sabha, thrice to the Rajya Sabha, the Maharashtra leader has been a minister many times. He has also been a permanent special invitee to the Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Currently in the RS, he is a member, Committee on Industry, and House Committee.

Industrialist-Politician, Praful Patel runs the civil aviation ministry with the same hard-nosed business sense he uses to steer his Rs 500-crore CeeJay Group. Patel, who owns one of India’s biggest bidi and tobacco-derivatives businesses, might be referred to as Vidarbha’s Bidi King, but he is also king of the Indian skies for now. Beedi Business of Patel includes Ceejay Tobacco, with brands including Monkey Boy and No. 27. Turnover Rs 1,000 crore.

Lets wait and watch if Bidi King will be able to give political shelter to Deshmukh in the ongoing CBI probe against him.

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