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Today we need to revisit Dr Ambedkar’s “Grammar of Anarchy” speech in Constituent Assembly

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Farmers don’t want to discuss or debate on new Agriculture Laws. They only demand abolition of laws framed in the Parliament by a duly elected government. Farmers (mainly from Punjab, Haryana and Western UP) are on the roads in Delhi border for about last seven weeks and agitating for withdrawal of those laws like stubborn and obstinate kids.

This type of mass public protest was popularized by Gandhi against British government of India when we did not have any Constitutional means to address our demands or get freedom. But since 26 January 1950 India has a Constitution and all our problems need to be addressed under its provisions only.

Unfortunately, we are still following the way of mass public protest as our grandfathers did in British time. But time had changed. We can’t drive a square peg in a round hole now. If these laws do not violate the Constitution of India or Fundamental Rights of anybody, Supreme Court too has no locus standi to keep these laws from implementation.

Today we need to revisit Dr Ambedkar’s “Grammar of Anarchy” speech in Constituent Assembly. Communists, Islamists, Dalits, Congress, and above all the Bhim Army have a tendency to bring in Dr Ambedkar at the drop of hat. Today they should recollect that speech of Dr Ambedkar more.

Too much of democratic freedom may lead to anarchy in India. Farmers should either defeat government in debate and discussions for modifications of the laws or come to political power in the Parliament to roll back those laws. It is as simple as that.

Shouting the government as anti-farmers and fascist on wrong premise, does not give passport to any large group of protesters to be anarchists and defy the laws framed by a democratically elected government as per Constitutional provisions.

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