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Why this hullabaloo about shifting Bollywood?

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A big issue is being made about it. Some politicians are expressing their strong resolve not allowing this to happen under any circumstances. Why this controversy at all? Who, at the first place wanted Bollywood to shift to UP?

When Yogi Adityanath announced last month his plan to start a mega film city in Noida, that implied to most nationalist Indians the followings:

1. After long last, Hindi films, will get a natural habitat;

2. After a long gap, Hindi and even other Indian language films which are close to the real lives of Indians will resume production. The projections of evil and unreal culture attributing them as Indians shall stop. The mischiefs of anti-national intellectuals, film makers, and film actors in systematic undermining of Indian civilizational values and ethos shall stop;

3. After a long gap, Indians could hope to see new films which carry the legacy of the tradition built by film makers such as Bimal Roy, Basu Chatterji, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Bhattacharya, V Shantaram, Satyajit Ray, Manoj Kumar and more;

4. After a long gap, India will get a big film production base that would be free from Mafia Dons and Drugs;

But no sane Indian ever wants the Bollywood to shift to UP and pollute the new production centre. This must not happen.

Let the new film city emerge as the genuine centre for producing high quality films that are genuinely Indian and be helpful in building a strong value-based society. And let this give a run for money to the films from Bollywood. The latter may die a natural death for want of patronage by people of India. Bollywood must not be given any importance by inviting its ill famous cabals into the new film city. Those in Bollywood who are nationalist and proud of India’s civilizational legacy and gasping under its present evil ambiance will move on their own to the new destination.

But giving a chance to ill motivated Maha politicians to play politics with Yogi Adityanath’s project must never happen. They are clearly trying to make political capital in the name of protecting Bollywood. The message that the new film city is least interested about inviting the film directors and stars of dubious integrity  needs to be sent loud and clear. The waning of the already discredited and beleaguered Bollywood is written on the wall. This will coincide with the rise of the new film city with love and blessings of Indians in general. These are writings on the wall!  

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