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Amnesty or travesty

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In India, NGO or Non Governmental Organization have been established almost a century ago. India’s first NGO was founded by Tagore’s Nephews Sri Gaganendranath Tagore in the year 1917 to help weavers and artists of the Kolkatta handloom. The Bengal Home Industries Association was founded, and registered under the Indian Companies Act VII (Section 26) in 1917. The Bengal Home Industries Association is a non-profit sharing concern, which aimed o promote and develop cottage industries, arts, and crafts, and help poor artisans by purchasing raw materials for them, advancing them money, and helping them market their goods. The organization is still in existence.

The data of NGOs in our country is baffling. Can you believe there are neary 31 Lakhs NGOs registered in India? That roughly translates to one NGO for every 300-500 persons. What is most annoying is there is one police for 500 persons. So one question begs our attention, why so many NGOs for India? Are all the NGOs really working for the benefit of Indians or these NGOs mushrooming to attack India through subversion. Are some NGOs the façade for religious conversion? Why they are afraid to disclose their funding? Why only 10% registered NGOs file their balance-sheets with Registrar of Societies? No NGO is ready to answer these questions except for playing victim card.

“There are NGOs, often funded from the US and the Scandinavia countries, which are not fully appreciative of the development challenges that our country faces.”– Manmohan Singh, Former PM, India. These words fell out from the mouth of Sri Manmohan Singh, Former PM of India, from congress party. For a man who is nicknamed ‘Mounibaba’ by some opposition parties, who couldn’t speak about the Corruption and wrong practices of Congress party and tolerated the pain underneath his teeth, was rattled by NGOs and spoke out. This is one fine example of the menace called NGO.

Now at the eye of the storm is Amnesty India which decided to shut operations in India citing the freezing of its accounts by Government and alleges witch-hunt by the Government for reporting the Delhi riots and on J&K after abolition of Article 370 and 35A. What it conveniently ignored to publish is that only one account of the Amnesty is frozen out of multiple accounts (nearly 25 it is alleged) for violation of FCRA. And the organization doesn’t offer an explanation why it cannot abide by the law of the nation. And where/how their money was used? Or why they hired divisive hate mongers to head their outfit in India?

This is not the first time Amnesty is having a brush with controversy. It is notorious for its myopic views on Kashmir and especially concerning the issues of Muslims, was a partner with Taliban supporter. It is of no surprise that there are many loyal supporters of Amnesty in India and who started hounding the BJP as being authoritarian and fascist. What they conveniently forget to bring to everyone’s notice is Amnesty has shut its operations earlier also in regime of Congress.

Irony is at its best when the Congress MP Shashi Taroor tweets with his puerile argument that these actions will undermine the reputation of Indian democracy. This laughable congress member’s amnesia should be jolted to life by reminding that FCRA was enacted by their own Govt in 1976 citing internal security threat by foreign donations and contributions which was amended by them in 2010.

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