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Being unmarried @30

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They say marriages are made in heaven. Isn’t it? Well someone has to tell to those in heaven to make it a quick for the sake of the girls here on earth. When you are a girl, unmarried, aged 30 and above all you live in India then you are a good for nothing girl. Whether it is home or any other place will always have to carry the answer to the one and only question that is ‘girl,when are you getting married’?

I don’t understand why people are so much concerned about someone’s marriage that they think a girl can’t get married after crossing a certain age. In our country marriages are all about cliches. People seek astrologer’s advice also they say it’s your fate you know you can’t change the fate as written by god. Parents of the girls are being tortured emotionally for not being able to find a nice groom for their girl within the time limit set up by our society.

In fact I used to believe late marriage possessed no charm. But in course of time I have realized that late marriage is always better than a bad marriage. Just because we happen to have landed ourselves in this primitive society,that is no reason why we should submit to their primitive morality. These things happen only to a girl’s family and I keep wondering why the same does not go for a boy. What never fails to surprise me is that, girls who face such a situation have now turned themselves into those people who once have made their life miserable. It makes me really sad to see how can people forget their past.

It’s sometimes easy and even a better option to give up the past but we must never forget that life can only be understood backward. Back then in olden days the girl was married off young because man wanted a pure bride. Today they say time has changed. Girls are enjoying liberation of choosing their life partner. But where is the change? What liberation? I don’t deny the fact that it is not uncommon for few of the girls who live In big cities to choose their life partners at any age but most of the girls still in our society face the trauma of being unmarried by a certain age.

Marriage? What does it mean? For me it’s an Union of two people emotionally, legally and like Google says it is the state of being husband and wife. So as far as my knowledge is concerned marriage is not defined by age. It can happen at any age when there is understanding,love and care between two people and yes there is no confirmed source till date that marriage is made in heaven.

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