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Legends never die

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Ansh Jha
Observing Indian Politics since 2014, Right- minded

(Sushant Sir’s reel life) 
On the recruitment day, Sushant and his friend wish each other good luck amidst getting job interview jitters. Instead of appearing for the interview, Sushant moves on to the help desk, glances at his Sonata watch, gets hold of the microphone, and addresses all the interviewees.

Hi guys, 
My start-up is 2 days old. My office is not capacious, but dreams are very big. Would you join me?(Amongst the interviewees, one says, brother, salary?)
At this stage, I am unable to pay you salary, but I will definitely give you a share in my company. If our business sails through, then we will touch the sky together, in otherwise situation, be ready for drowning, but together. But, it would be a great fun flying together.
His friend approaches him and asks to recruit him. Both of them smiles and gives each other a tight hug.

(Sushant Sir’s real life)
In real life, Sushant Sir, a brilliant and versatile actor who had played more than 56 characters in his acting career, had even bigger dreams. From unravelling the mystery of universe to training for Iron Man Triathlon, his bucket list consisted of 50 such dreams. Unfortunately, his list of dreams remains unfulfilled. Apart from being a great actor, explorer, philanthropist, and learner, he was a down to earth personality who always valued his fans and well-wishers. However, in his real life, nobody was there to give him a tight hug, unlike his friend in the reel life. Nobody wanted to fly with him in the vast stretches of the sky, making him feel a leftover, which he wasn’t.

It is hard to believe, but yes, he, who inspired us to join the film industry, is no more with us. It is a well-known fact that bollywood is a tough turf to manoeuvre for rank outsiders. However, Sushant Sir, with his great acting skills, proved everyone wrong and established himself as a successful actor despite facing cut throat competition. 

I implore everyone who dreams of joining the film industry not to feel demoralised, but redoubling efforts. Yes, we need to do it for Sushant Sir. He fought valiantly, and we will continue this battle till we uproot nepotism from the glamorous world of bollywood. Let’s take an oath today that we, the outsiders, will break the doors of film industry with a bang. 

Summing up, there was nobody who stood by Sushant Sir in his trying time. That’s why he felt shattered in his life and took the extreme step. Hence, we need to stay united and promise that we will support each other in every possible manner, be it financial or emotional support, till we win the battle initiated by Sushant Sir. 

PS: Sir, we will fulfill your remaining 38 dreams. 

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Ansh Jha
Observing Indian Politics since 2014, Right- minded
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