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How we can address our empathy problem

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By now the amidst the pandemic induced lockdown it is evident that is if it wasn’t already that the India’s elite are heartless when it comes to the country’s poor. As Odis-ha with its handling of natural disaster and the country with its handling of COVID 19. The idea that poverty and injustice are man made conditions will not be easy to wrap our heads around.

We need to imagine an India where every citizen feels secure and respected enjoys a decent quality of life. If you want people to do something make it easy for them. They have to know what to do and how to do it and it should not be too burdensome, painful or costly. To face corona-virus pandemic it is essential to encourage people to stay home wear masks and promote social distancing while moving outside homes.

A pandemic isn’t fun. But leaders can produce a sense of optimism, unity, hope and more than a few smiles instead of despair, anger, division and fear. We can curtail pandemics if we quickly develop vaccines and make them widely accessible. The poorest region in the country are the most vulnerable since they have fewer resources to survive their livelihood during this time . The government has announced several fiscal packages to those peoples in economic fallout.

But the question arises are these packages or government aids enough to offset the colossal damage wrought by the pandemic. Why this is so the poor in the country suffers the most in vulnerable time. Low and middle income countries have weaker health systems and limited surges in cases. We need to imagine a India where every citizen feel secure and enjoys a decent quality of life with safety nets. What we need to is to bring collective convalescence to make a swift during this crisis and measured steps to getting life back on track. During these time we need to change our priorities the politicians in the country keep trying to emphazize the middle class citizens by giving policies and showing big economic dreams. A country development truely depends upon its citizens not only government we as citizens are equally responsible for this. This pandemic has made it clear that whether it is ruling BJP or any other party it is the middle class and poor which are going to suffer the most in this crucial time.

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