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For gnawing rats, questioning tax evasion and unaccounted wealth is = tax terrorism

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The great lobby that holds the exclusive ownership saving democracy, secularism, free speech, liberal ideas in India, out of its active and passive Bhakti to the dynasty is so confused in its approach to criticize PM Modi. Every ploy that they plot to attack PM Modi are getting blunted and distorted by the good and honest governance of PM Modi. So far the lobby was accusing PM Modi as suit-boot sarkar and promote crony capitalism. Ambani and Adani were also targeted by some of this group to attack PM Modi. When the same Modi administration decides to go after tax evaders and holders of unaccounted money and those who laundered to offshore tax heaven, immediately the same lobby spins up a new story that Narendra Modi is harassing business people in the name of tax terrorism.

Look at the neo-paranoiac behaviour the lobby and many opposition parties. They are totally clueless as how to attack and belittle PM Modi. But he remains unchallengeable purely because of his honest and corruption free governance, governance fully dedicated to development and sab ka vikas, efforts to prevent nepotism and dynastic influences from ruining the governance etc.  People of India have completely understood the absolute truth that PM Modi alone can offer good governance and development and not the dynast or his sycophants and tukde tukde gangs.

What the lobby display these days are exactly the behaviour of rat and other rodents. The rodents and lagomorph species such as rabbit, hare etc., have ever growing incisors.  Therefore these animals have to continuously gnaw over everything to arrest the overgrowth the teeth. If the rodents, rabbit etc., could not gnaw, their incisors may outgrow over the mouth and the animal may even die. Therefore these animals need something or other to gnaw to save their life.

Today most of the opposition parties and their lobbies are doing nothing but gnawing in public place, attacking PM Modi for everything once again from heavy rain to severe drought to landslide to flood to what not…… the lobby has not blamed PM Modi.

People of India are not only wise, but also are vigilant and watchful of the opposition parties and the lobby. Any amount attempt the above group may make to convert a mole hill into a mountain is not going to work to their favour. The honesty, dedication, hardworking attitude, patriotism, undying passion to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas of PM Modi is well known to the world.  So people are not going to believe either the congress party or its sycophant club.

The details surfaced so far about the financial transactions, tax evasion and money laundering of CCD owner don’t suggest tax terrorism and instead it only indicates the inability of the owner to comprehend with the legal realities and the consequences.

According to the lobby and the dynast, PM Modi should not act and at the same time must act. In any case the narrative must suit to the lobby and the dynast so that they can always criticise PM Modi. Unfortunately the lobby and the dynast are yet to realize that they cannot sell their brand politics of negativity and hate Modi anymore in India. People of India are with PM Modi and BJP and support PM Modi unconditionally because every Indian wants see India emerging out as a great country devoid of corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics.

People are happy to let the lobby continuously gnaw at everything to accuse PM Modi but nothing is going to work. India will surpass all odds and Modi will make India a great land and will install Ral rajya.

S Ranganathan

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