Barkha Dutt has just crossed all levels of decency and one can now call her India Hater.

You can hate Modi, I can understand.

You can hate Amit Shah and I can understand.

But how can you hate your own country?

Barkha Dutt has recently crossed all limits of decency when she went on Al Jazeera channel and started spurting out hateful venom against the Prime Minister.

Just watch the video below to know what she said.

So she thinks that Modi had sent thousands of Armymen, went through a political hell and scrapped Article 370, which was detrimental to Kashmir’s progress and was the main reason for terrorist activities, and she thinks that he did this entire thing so that he could make a speech on 15th August on Lal Quilla.

How petite is her thinking! What is going on inside her small brain?

One doesn’t cancel Amarnath Yatra, locate thousands of army men in a state and put the entire country in a state of anticipation of what is going to happen next just so that he can make a speech on Independence day.

But then I agree with her midset to some extent. It is not her fault.

We have never had any politician for a very long time who selflessly did something for the country without any ulterior motives.

I can understand her desperation to find some ulterior motives behind this selfless move of Modi and Shah.

It is not that she is trying to belittle this entire act which is the problem, the problem comes when she starts to provoke the Us president Trump by telling the channel that she thinks that Modi and Shah scrapped the articles to irk Trump because they hate him.

Here, she is not talking like an Indian, she is talking like how Pakistani Media was talking yesterday.

Is she getting paid by them?

I won’t go that far.

But I will say that after what she has said she does not have the country’s best interest in her mind.

There is something wrong with her and there is something very wrong with her mindset to come up with something like this because it shows how much she really cares about India and it’s people and she wouldn’t mind if her own countrymen get into trouble by irking a superpower whose President is known for making decisions based on his TV show  experience.


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