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An embarrassed mind

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We all have a fair share of instances when we got embarrassed publicly either by our own actions or any other way. What do we do? We either laugh it off or get it down to the spine. Latter is never a great option, specifically not when you are in your young age. We go to school, college, universities or workplaces. There are times when things don’t go your way, you can only regret that. These moments are never pleasurable and haunt for much longer, even lifetime in few cases.

In the kind of pseudo-cool world that we are living in everything is a meme material, even something which is serious can be joked off as a dank meme. What can one do? Report that, get expelled out of that community, and have few more people out of your life. It does not seem that great of an option. This way it won’t take long when you will be standing alone on a lane and no co-traveller to share the path with. So can we just ignore that and go ahead? Depends on the volume of the problem you have got with that. Fighting should be avoided but be ready if this is what they have bestowed on you.

This is all outer conflict. there is one more intense going on in one’s own mind right after the incident. Your Mind divides into two subsections or more maybe. One section thinks of the ways you can go about things and minimize the further trolling. This gives you choices- laugh it off along with them, try to explain them or fight with them.

Fight, they say, is a way of the coward. Well, it’s true to some extent except a few rare cases. Trying to explain them is worse, because the one who came with a unidirectional motive to troll, doesn’t care. So you either laugh it off or build a pile of stress by cutting yourself away from all social functions for a few days. It will only add to the work your second mind has been doing all this while.

The second section of mind is the biggest problem of all these. It doesn’t live in present and a solution to the future can’t be solved by living in past until or unless those fictional movies start becoming true. It traces back to the time before the incident and thinks of the ways how it could have been avoided from here on to the point it was all ruined. It solves all permutations and combinations to find those ways.

And Human mind, though is very different from computers, gets heated with all this processing, creating more and more stress and forces one to abstain from everything, only worsening the situation.

In a time, when we all are talking about mental health, prominent celebrities have opened up on this topic and campaigns are going on, it is important that we recognise that this kind of events should not be left out. Anxiety, depression and OCD are the bigger problems but temporary mental instability is what could have led there. College students and their problems should also be discussed because not far away from now these people will be in the industry and shaping the future of this nation.

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