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HTN Saga – Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai

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I know shutting down of HTN has been tremendously hard on some of the 200 people who lost the job, but I take comfort in the fact that the man & family behind this has been fully exposed and Indians are rejecting such anti-India agenda-based news networks.

The “alleged” melt-down of Barkha Dutt at non-payment of salary was comical at best and farcical at worst. Everyone on twitter going ga-ga over her alleged “upright” stand. Not just Khan market and left but what surprised me was even RW shedding tears for her.

Now you may call me paranoid for suggesting that this was all staged but hear me out what if this was staged. Someone who gets clean chit for Radia tapes, Awards for Kargil fiasco and someone writes odes in support of terrorist – rabidly anti-Indian, Anti- Hindu and anti-BJP would care about gun for hire news stringers.

Just take these alternative facts in the spirit of “Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai” (every time I hear or read Barkha say facts, truth, credible, love – I could hear that distant proverbial crow squeak in my head followed by the above song).

Shall we call these facts are post-truth (pun-intended, hope @swapan55 is not reading it). We all knew why HTN happened, the reason and forces behind this project. It was launched close to general election with one and only one intent to defame Narendra Modi, build anti-BJP narrative, create rift in society by peddling fake news, discredit independent agencies like EC, RBI, CBI, NIA and Judiciary if they don’t toe family writ. They used this network to openly threaten Govt. agencies.

Enter Barkha Dutt, she and Karan Thapar in their usual style started roasting Non-congress leaders and providing fire cover to Congress & family. Ran narrative to support people like Aatish Taseer, Arvind Kejriwal and acted as mouth piece of Mahagathbandhan.


Three years project plan, run anti-Modi campaign in hope that they could dent the majority and if BJP still makes a minority govt. continue to peddle fake news to discredit BJP govt and attempt to bring it down.

If congress makes minority govt. provide cover fire and leech GOI to recover the investment, a win-win situation. But Indian electorate had a different script for them, and the collapse was eventual.

When writing on the wall was clear these three had a simple plan, close the shop and cut losses. As usual Barkha & Karan came with the script, Kapil will fire all the employee, Barkha will have meltdown on twitter, gain sympathy of employees and fraternity. Misled and distract the employees, find out influencers buy them or bump them off and to quote Coupta ji “people will forget, and we will create new fake news to distract them”.


Should we sympathise – I randomly checked tweets of few of HTN “reporters”, it was full Anti-Modi, Anti -BJP rant and they did not spare EC and other institutes. Forget about calling them journalist I wouldn’t call them stringers. They are gun for hire and knew exactly what they getting into, nothing they produced is news worthy, hence I don’t have any sympathy for them.

I respectfully ask RW to stop shedding tears for them, they are well funded and will rechristen themselves and I request media houses to not touch them as they clearly identified themselves as rough-fake-news-peddlers.

Best part was Barkha bitching about Kapil’s wife, I don’t know what Kapil had to sacrifice to get her to agree for this kind of public lashing or Barkha and Mrs. Sibal might actually be fighting for Mr. Sibal or HTN – Wish Radia was around to tell the true story.

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