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Did #PulwamaAttack sound a death knell for UPA and its sympathizers?

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One needs no introduction to the #Pulwama suicide bomber attack on 14th Feb- on Indian army convoy by a Pakistan backed terrorist, which had claimed lives of more than 40 Indian soldiers.

In less than 100 hours of the suicide attack, Indian army managed to kill the master mind behind the attack and his associates and also vowed to avenge the dastardly attack. Within few days of this, Indian Air Force having received the green signal from Indian govt, destroyed Pak terror camps in its own territory Balakot. Indian government had estimated that around 200-300 terrorists were killed in this retaliatory attack by the IAF.

While the entire nation celebrated the valor of Indian Armed Forces after the feat, the Congress and its allies have been shamelessly raising questions on the authenticity of the attack itself including the numbers claimed by govt. Now just for a moment, lets assume none of the terrorists were killed in the attack by IAF. Is the attack in itself not a victory for India? In the sense that it’s the first time ever in a non-war situation that we crossed the LOC- deep into Pak, for a pre-emptive non-military action (gathering support from all  major countries against Terrorism) on the JEM camps. Is that not enough evidence for an average Indian to laud the gallantry of Indian Forces and the NDA Government?

The UPA seems to have blissfully forgotten its inability in providing a strong reply to terrorist state Pakistan after the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, despite an offer from IAF to retaliate (Thanks to then ‘accidental’ PM who was dumbstruck as ever). It had failed miserably to persuade Pak to act on the loads of evidences it was provided. Yet, it asks our Forces and the Govt to justify and provide evidence of their current strikes. How moron is that!

Even more disgusting is to know the Congress ‘Pokes’person Mr Diggy Singh poking at the #PulwamaAttack and terming the sponsored terrorist attack as an ‘accident’. I strongly believe that Congress and its UPA allies have just sounded the death knell for themselves ahead of the polls by trying to make a mockery of the Nation’s safety and its army.

Am sure the people of this ‘New India’ are not ready to entertain/bear such dumbtards of UPA ruling the nation (to whom Nation’s safety concern is an ‘accident’). The people will surely make them pay price for such ‘accidental’ remarks in the upcoming #IndiaPolls2019.

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