How fascism in today’s India is a creation of those aspiring to be relevant

A quick scroll up and down the news feed on Facebook presents to me a sight of war, a war between ideologies. The sight is certainly going to look bloodier as the 2019 general elections approach. Many on social media believe that fascist forces have gained strength in our country and that the war was but inevitable. These individuals have also taken upon themselves the responsibility of guarding the rights and liberties of those who they believe are incapable of fighting for themselves.

Occupying positions in universities and corporates, the self-appointed guardians have, ever since, in the name of freedom and liberty been vehemently trampling upon the same. They have been crushing the freedom of those who they believe do not subscribe to the ideology to which they themselves are slaves. Identifying themselves as communists and socialists, our guardians are indeed the biggest threat to our nation, societies and to our personal well being.

The scathing attack on the left in the first paragraph will prompt many to label me as a conservative and my writing as a part of the propaganda by the right. I would, therefore, like to clarify that my writing is neither a creation of my ideological tilt nor of my concern for my fellow beings (who I believe are capable enough to fight for themselves) but out of the concern for my personal mental and physical well being within a space increasingly being occupied by people described above.

Harping on a rotten propaganda of ‘growing fascism in the country’, the associates of the left have managed to defend its diabolical, anti-national activities. Mobilizing the youth into widespread and unwanted protests, the left has managed to forcefully swell their base and claim relevance. Belonging to a space, occupied largely by these ideological slaves, now called the #UrbanNaxals, my mental and physical well being is trespassed time and again. In this essay, I seek vengeance by dissecting the ‘Modern Left’ inch by inch. I shall unmask the ‘True Fascists’ and expose the ‘Beloved Vigilantes’.

Claiming to be the voice of the communities long suppressed by the capitalist forces (supposedly being empowered ‘only’ by the present ‘Regime’), the Modern Left is not what they ideally should be. Ideally, their fight must begin at the personal level by renouncing all activities which empower the capitalists. They must therefore not foster any fetish. However, the Modern Liberal is far from what they ideally should be. Exotic holidays, orgasmic food, expensive technology, powerful vehicles and Glamorous clothes are not just a part of their bucket list but also of their daily lives. But, mind you, it is only the government at the centre, ever conspiring to empower the capitalists. The left has and is adopting Modernity, in the most capitalist sense of the term, while at the same time claiming to the fight it. The Modern Left is, therefore, a mega consumer, a consumer who for the sake of fetish has even adopted an ideology.

I wouldn’t have written this essay had the left been a painless consumer killing its own objective. My concern with the left magnifies as they take upon themselves the responsibility to fight on my behalf, for my rights and as they force upon me their notion of freedom and their idea of justice, as they turn into ‘Beloved Vigilantes’. Much like the cow vigilantes of our country, the left too has been violating our personal spaces, replacing individuals’ stable and long-held ideas, beliefs and notions with unstable ones. However, unlike the highly (and rightly) criticized Gau Rakshaks the left is proliferating symbolic violence, in a much larger scale and systematically. Defending the murder of personal beliefs and long-held ideas, in the name of emancipation, the left in our country has not just managed to mask their true face but has also managed to recruit and lure many more in the conspiracy.

After having successfully dissected the true nature of the Modern Left or the Beloved Vigilantes, we now need to answer who the real fascist is? Is it the elected government at the centre which is re-tracing the path established by its predecessors or is it the non-elected and unwanted guardian, constantly conspiring to reestablish itself after being globally rejected? Is it a body which we have the power to dissolve or is it the ideology to which we are defenceless? Is it the most obvious leader of the country post-2019 or a group of people desiring relevance somehow?

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