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Fear among Muslims: How true?

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What do you feel when you see the two images above? Shock, disbelief, sense of negation? No. Why?

Such has been the consistency and perseverance of the forces behind this manufactured crisis of existence that truth has been hazed and we tend to accept something which we find non-existent in reality.

The apartment I live in had no Muslim occupant in the beginning. When a Muslim who was known to many owners bought a flat here and started living, nobody objected. But, earlier, one non-Muslim occupant had been forced to leave the apartment because he was getting involved in amoral activities.

The locality I had spent 20 years of my life before coming to my present home was resided by many Muslims, nobody bothered to count whether Muslims or non-Muslims were greater in number. Even during Babri Masjid riots, neither Non-Muslims nor Muslims of my locality felt threatened by each other.

In my acquaintances, there is a very rich family. Having several properties across the country, the family always has some or other contractor engaged in some work in some property, including their own residences. And most of these contractors are Muslims. I have never ever seen the family hesitating a bit before calling them for work and leaving their houses and homes open under their custody. Neither have I found these contractors and workers ever hesitating to go to even the native place of the family in other state.

I believe similar experiences would be shared by at least double the percentage which has been mentioned in the first image. And I believe even one-tenth of that percentage would not do anything which lead to situations mentioned in the second image. Yes, we Indians, Muslims and non-Muslims, have to have conviction in our ethos so as to defeat these fear-mongers.

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