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After Naxals, is the Vatican now on the war path with India?

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

As if Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi Anil Couto’s political comments were not enough, now Goa’s Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao has made a controversial comment saying ‘ Constitution is in danger, human rights being trampled in name of development’. This is so timed with our former Finance Minister Sri P Chidambaram writing in The Indian Express’ in support of the Archbishop Anil Couto and former Top Cop of Mumbai, Julio Ribeiro’s contemptuous communal utterances.

Archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto was once arrested in Delhi for organizing an illegal rally in 2013-read more

It is time our former Finance Minister Sri P Chidambaram to learn himself of many facts behind Archbishop Anil Couto, before writing such columns frantically supporting them. India is well aware that the political investment of the Congress Party is heavily put on the religious minorities in India, and hence it is but for natural that they have to maneuver with such blatantly anti-national thoughts and schemes to consolidate their political future, but all under the pretense of ‘Secularism’

Anil Couto is not just confined to his Church precincts and prayers, but he rocked on the ground as well by organizing Kejriwal type of protests in the year 2013.

To begin with, Archbishop Anil Couto did not wake up last week and again gone in slumber like that. He has been politically active for a long time. He is not just confined to his indoor activities of writing controversial letters, conducting election prayers, but equally active on the ground as well, a la Arvind Kejriwal. In 2013 Anil Couto was taken into custody in Delhi for organizing an illegal rally mobilizing Christians and Muslims demanding more rights for the oppressed class of India. More confusion is, he was more into protests and rallies of political nature, for political causes than just writing letters in a stifled manner and shying away from media’s cameras.

Whenever a leader of a ‘religious minority’ in India ups his ante, whining on fellow majority Hindus, Hindu Pontiffs, including the PM and the President (if they happen to be Hindus in particular) accusing that our eternal institutions, which were established under the Constitution and the values cherished therein were all in ‘danger’ of being in, for an ambush by the majority Hindu rulers, then Hindus will be taken aback. Whenever the Hindus happen to hear such whinings, they are expected to believe in Archibishop’s and Mulla’s sanity and deeply introspect themselves, inferring that Hindus are guilty souls by birth, as if the worlds best written Constitution of India, was not composed by Indian brains, but as if it was a gift from the West. Such whinings sound like as if, the Constitution of India was drafted by non-Hindus, the spirit of ‘secularism’ was imbued into it, by non-Hindus benevolence. So by whining repeatedly, they assume themselves the saviors of our Constitution, besides being the ‘author’ of it too.

The obscure letter written by the Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto to community members is not limited to the precincts of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi. It was a well-designed pan India trick. Delhi Archbishop is not albeit the first to cast aspersions on Modi. Such attacks were planned, staged and spanned in time to give credibility. So, in this line now the Goa Archbishop went to the extent of dubbing ‘development’ as anti-poor, and in the name of ‘development’ human rights are being trampled. More irony is our well established mainstream media giving impetus to such thoughts coming from religious heads and justifying too.

Just a month ago the CSI (Church of South India with a membership of over 45 lakhs) head, Bishop Thomas K. Oommen had attacked the Modi Government accusing him of making the life of minorities, and marginalized section of the society miserable and unlivable. In December 2017 just 5 months ago, Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India has slammed Modi Govt for the increased attacks on Christians in India under his rule. He said Indian Christians lost trust in Modi. A month before his comment, Gujarat Bishop Thomas MacEwan’s called to save India and the Constitution of India from the PM Narendra Modi. However such scandalous attacks on PM Modi was aptly reprimanded by the Intellectuals more energetically.

The setting behind this smear campaign, in fact, was well-set as early as in 2014. Missionaries are known for their mind-games, adopting Psychographic profiling, bullying the weak minds into submission, exploiting the extremely sensitive sense of the woman, followed by the perfectly devised mind- programming that takes huge casualties on Hindus. Anil Couto is well aware of this game of missionaries. At the same time, he is equally well seized of the current situation of minorities succeeding in ‘bullying the Modi Government.

He is thoroughly part of this brinkmanship of missionaries. Anil Couto and Goa’s Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao were all aware how generous his country’s fellow majority docile Hindus are. So the unsuspecting Hindus put their kids in their Catholic Schools in the hope their kids learn the ‘English’ and shine in future, but then the brain programming starts for the Hindu and Muslim Kids as early as 4 yrs onwards. But, come Christmas celebrations, this Hindustan celebrates Christmas more than US and Jerusalem. Hindus wholeheartedly greet fellow Christians and cajole them with love and affection. This same Sanghi Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, who is the target of every non-Hindus today, greets every Christian citizen of his country sincerely on every Christmas Day. The ‘so-called communal forces of Hindus, be it RSS, VHP, BD etc never stormed any Church in India hurling grenades and rocket launchers killing the Sunday worshippers. Malaysia, Indonesia or Pakistan, the ‘Christianity’ wish to co-exist with their formidable ‘Islam’, despite the Islam being in ‘militancy’ mode in this part of the Globe. Back home in India, the same ‘Christianity’ is constantly in ‘combat’ mode with fellow secular-minded generous ‘majority’. The reason is obvious. The reason is apparent. The reason is undeniable. It is the Hindus who are showing their other cheek (instead of them) whenever they are slapped by the Missionaries.

When it comes to ensuring the ‘Scientific temper’ which the Article 51A of our Constitution vouch for
‘to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform’,

It is again the Missionaries who are into disrespecting, denying, and abusing the ‘scientific temper’ of our Constitution, every day and every hour. In their prayer meetings, a man walks up to the dais limping and after the prayer and blessings by Brother Anil Kumar or Brother Paul Dinakaran is received, the physically challenged person returns walking straight. The terminal ill ‘patients’ till then seen howling and rolling on the floor gets instant ‘Gyan’ and reclamation upon the ‘Brother’s mere touch of class. The insulting and enraging fake shows of prayer meetings of the missionaries being telecast on ‘Miracle Network’ and ‘God’ channels are an open challenge to our sane spirit and the very principles of ‘Constitution’ of India. The rehearsals that run behind these prayer meetings are outright proof of defrauding the public and outlandish in nature. Yet these prayer meetings are allowed, ‘God’ channels are lauded, ‘miracles’ are encouraged, illness cures are not questioned by the ‘rational’ outfits, Marxists, Leftists and Secular political parties.

Archbishop Anil Couto, in fact, is an active Political-Bishop. He not only fights for the rights of Christians but also for Muslims as well. After the defeat of BJP in Delhi polls in 2014, he celebrated the victory of AAP in his prayer hall in Delhi. In February 2015, Anil Couto took a delegation to Arvind Kejriwal and showered him with all cheers for Kejriwal’s way of ‘leading’ and termed his views on the concept of ‘Swaraj’ as ‘marvelous’.

Later he protested the serial Church attacks in Delhi in 2014 and created a hateful atmosphere then. His 2013 Delhi march with Dalits, Christians, and Muslims are the proof of his active political bickering.

Next, it was again the Archbishop Anil Couto who was in the forefront and lead the protest against Anti-Conversion bill and Hindu organizations’ Gharwapsi’ programmes. Anil Couto opposed such a move and said ‘Conversion is a matter of choice and is guaranteed by the Constitution” The whole trouble with our designated minorities and their dubious leaders are their self-proclaimed probity that repeatedly goes ‘unchallenged’. Their stand always sans logic and displays eccentric hypocrisy. The argument is that the very ‘conversion’ is their fundamental right granted under the Constitution, but dubs the Gharwapsi’ as unconstitutional. In fact, there is no explicit provision in our Constitution that allows unfettered liberty to convert gullible Hindus.

What our Constitution authorizes is:
Article 25(1) in The Constitution Of India 1949- (1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion on’

Contrary to the very spirit of the above, missionaries have been adapting well-designed inventive methods to convert gullible Hindus. Their methods violate every spirit behind every phrase elucidated in Article 25 (1). Their mass conversion programmes, mass prayer meetings, mass healing prayers are not in conformity with public order and morality. Their methods are highly immoral, violating public order and causing hurt to the majority citizens of India. Further, a mass and forcible conversion camps do not fit in to ‘professing, practicing, and propagating religion’.

The missionaries at the outset, prepare the ground and then plan for mass conversions.

They first hand identify a couple of IAS, IPS, IRS officers, top journalists, reporters, Judicial officers, private TV Channels, and a couple of popular regional cinema celebrities and put all efforts to convert them.

Once through, their future is secured. Any complaint of forcible conversions will be taken care of at every stage of its progress by respective officers and celebrities who are by then in place. The significant help to missionaries is rendered by the media. Any confrontation on the ground will not be reported or telecast in the interest of law and order and missionaries.

Archbishop Anil Couto with his dubious track record is more of a leader like urban Naxal in his approach than thought to be a tempered protestor.

Anil Couto is fully conscious about his fellow Hindus hospitable and charitable nature like their own ‘Missionaries of Charity’ and the only difference being, the laters generosity is for the purpose of ‘conversions’ to be used as a barter and the former’s generosity is their legacy.

P Chidambaram, Sandeep Dixit, Jayaram Ramesh were neither founders of Congress Party nor were architects of Congress Party’s authors of its ideology. It is a political party in distress, gasping for survival, so the last breath to whines

Today Archbishop Anil Couto and  Filipe Neri Ferrao, has only shown their wide-eyed smile to Hindus, but their all India plot is more threatening than to be taken lightly lying down.

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit
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