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Why Kerala CM’s criticism of PM’s Israel visit is wrong

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

PM Modi completed his historic visit to Israel yesterday. The first ever visit by a Prime Minister of India in 70 years! The visit received mixed reactions. The most condemnable reaction is of CM of Kerela Mr. Pinrayi Vijayan. And I think each and every person of India who knows and is well aware of radical Islamic terrorism should condemn his statement with as harsh words as possible. Mr.CM in his Facebook post writes ‘Heart of Indians lies with Palestine’.

No! He is totally wrong. Heart of Indians lies with Israel and  not Palestine. There are some bigots and apologists of Islamofascism in our country like Mr. Pinrayi Vijayan who support Palestine for appeasement politics. But they are surely doing worst form of politics. If Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan supports Muslims of Palestine, he should also support Muslims of Balochistan and Yemen. Which I am sure he won’t. Israel is much respected by the masses of India.

Mr. Pinrayi  Vijayan has done lowest form of politics by calling a state which is our third largest defense partner as ‘Terrorist State’. Mr. CM has done the biggest blunder of politics by calling a state which has always supported us in all the wars as ‘Terrorist State’. Mr. CM has done a historic mistake by calling a state which first recognized Bangladesh as a separate country, a ‘Terrorist State’.

Israel has always been a silent friend of India by standing by us in all the winters and springs. Indians support the cause of Palestine but Israel holds a special place in our hearts and always will. Israel lies in heart of every patriotic Indian and not Palestine.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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