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Gangs of Punjab: Breeding drug peddlers and Khalistani movement

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Recently in Punjab near Gurdaspur there was a triple murder in which three guys were killed. They apparently were also gangsters. Main accused of this Vickey Gonder is very famous gangster who escaped from Nabha jail break with few other people. These gangsters have become very active in ending years of Akali-BJP govt.

No mainstream media reported it except the local newspapers. These gangs have become breeding ground for Khalistani movement and drugs paddlers, ramping across Punjab. These young bloods have been used by different political parties for their own benefits. After being used by the politicians for their own interests, they turn their back. They are then either encountered or killed by some other goons. Here is such case.

Previous year there was the infamous case of Sukha Khalon who is killed by rival gang ‘in police custody’. Gurdaspur which is an important district from national security’s aspect, being the most important root of Indian army to enter in Kashmir. In last few years there has been too much disturbance in this belt, like dinanager terrorist attack and Pathankot air base attacks.

The link between these terrorist attacks and gangster may seem irrelevant but if you see the bigger picture, you will find a nexus between drugs, gangs, Khalistani movement. You can solve this jigsaw puzzle and deduce that Pakistan has been the driving force in promoting Khalistani movement in past and now drugs in Punjab. These tools are being used again to create an insurgency in Punjab.

But govt also must go to the root of such gang war problems by knowing why and how the youth is being turned into gangsters. Vickey Gonder was a national level discussed throw player. But when these youngsters are abused by political authorities; they pick up weapons to seek revenge. However, nothing can justify this being a proper way to seek justice. The least that the Government can do is to make sure to stop police’ atrocities on the locals.

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