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The irony of the left liberals

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The irony of the left liberals is staggering. While they brandish the right wingers “self-proclaimed protectors of the Indian culture”, they have been trying unsuccessfully to position themselves as “protectors of free speech” and at the same time stifle the voice of opposition with such brute force that everybody who is opposed to them is apparently labeled a troll or a Bhakt.

The ruckus that happened at the Ramjas College in Delhi last week has again exposed this intolerant attitude of the left wing. While the invitation sent over to Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid to speak at an event organized by the college authorities titled “Culture of Protest” is covered under the ambit of “Freedom of Speech”, the resistance put up by the student wing of the Ramjas College is labeled intolerance? I have a simple question. What were you guys planning to discuss at the event? How to crush the voice from the other side, sane or insane, now that it started to assert itself after a long slumber stretching for decades? Along with their usual cohorts, the uber secular and our usual suspects in the mainstream media, they twisted the narrative and painted the entire episode as an attack by the right wing goons on the so called left wing nice people. Their constant cribbing about people being beaten up involved in the controversies in the past couple of years, apparently only from the left, has made a lot of people question the credibility of the media for too long now.

While the left wing student leaders get a lions’ share of air time in the media, the other side of the story is completely ignored, right or wrong. They have to turn to the social media along with photographic proofs on how they were assaulted irrespective of the gender. One such leader of the ABVP was seen thrashing a guy with her bare hands because he was molesting her among the ruckus going on in the campus. But the media dismissed her version as just a “goon” rambling on again and again in an attempt to malign the left leaders. The episode of Mr. Sehwag and Mr. Hooda being attacked on Twitter and their families being dragged into the controversy a couple of days ago proves time and again who is intolerant and most important of all who is afraid? Their FOE has been attacked viciously when they dared to raise their voices against the people who were supporting the secession of India and in favor of Pakistan. Also, a particular community is brazenly accused of sexism and patriarchy, which has given this country world class athletes who ironically happen to be of the same gender as their baiters. This baseless accusations based on their deteriorated idea of India is what needs to be highlighted. As always, people who came to the rescue of our beloved Viru were labeled Bhakts and trolls. So typical of you, I say.

Ms. Kaur associates herself with the likes of Kavita Krishnan and John Dayal who openly call for the disintegration of India. And they are protesting against the wars being fought between India and Pakistan. Ask yourself this question honestly. Who initiated the wars? Who were the aggressors? Should we not defend ourselves when attacked? Yes, Pakistan killed your father whose ideology triggered a war between our countries.

There is a reason why people started drifting towards the right of the center. The twisted narratives being peddled and propagated has irked the people. Attributing the rise of “Islam terror” as just a consequence of the “Hindu Terror” is a huge disservice to the compassion and patience shown by the people of this country. Absolute disregard to the lives of Hindus among the Lutyens’ Delhi has been going on for too long. And as usual, who dared to raise their voices, you tagged them as Nationalists or Patriots. Shame on you! Learn how to accept the alternate opinion with grace. And by all means refute the opposing theories and expose the false lies and inimical threats that come your way in a logical way. Not by some dramatic rona-dhona on national television accusing everybody of imposing their ideologies on you. For god’s sake, you definitely are the not most peaceful of the lot. Are you? And also, please stop projecting Ms. Kaur as the daughter of a martyr who died for India to peddle your lies and advance your agenda. As one of your own said, she has a mind of her own. She can think for herself.

And Ms. Kaur, we are and will be proud of your father forever for his sacrifice. The same cannot be said about you.

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