Dirty state of public sector bank branch in Kanpur

One of the first actions taken by the new UP Government is to instigate a culture of cleanliness and hygiene amongst all governments entities functioning within the state. However, there is still a long way to go until this initiative starts to see actual results.

Go anywhere near the State Bank Of India’s Juhi branch in Kanpur, and pungent smells and repulsive conditions greet you. As is evident from the pictures, the surrounding areas are filled with rotting corners full of flies and stagnant water ponds. One would not imagine going into any bank branch under such conditions, let alone the biggest public sector bank of this country.

It gets worse as one enters the branch office though. ACs on the wall are filled with dust and obviously not working. The electric lines all throughout the branch all badly exposed to any kind of hazard. The fire alarm attached at the entrance keeps making a beeping noise all the time, due to smoke coming out from cooking activities around the branch building, and the security guard is completely oblivious to it despite sitting right next to the alarm. One can only imagine what would a response be like in case of an actual fire!

This is just one instance of a public sector bank branch in a pathetic state in one of the largest cities of U.P. Imagine how worse off the branches of other banks must be.

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